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The Taste of Palawan Chaolong Without The Travel Cost

Hi lovelies! The Kitchen Mom is again out of the little kitchen for a food hunt here in the south. Bacoor, Cavite is just a few minutes travel from our house and this is where my food journey took me. Have you heard of the famous Palawan Chaolong? For sure people who already visited Palawan got the chance to taste Chaolong. Since I still don't have the luck to visit Palawan, I've been very curious to try their famous "Palawan Chaolong" and to do this I decided take part together with few co-bloggers to visit a store in Bacoor Cavite. Oh yes! You read it right, You can now savour the authentic taste of the Palawan Chaolong ( Vietnamese Rice Noodles ) without getting broke. And without the hassle of travelling far. Chaolong Pork ButoButo Vietnamese Rice noodles with clear broth soup and pieces of pork bones that make the soup more flavorful Perhaps some of you may be curious as I am about this "Chaolong " that I'm talking about. P