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It's a Treat not a Trick, Kids Eat For Free!

Once again, Sem Break is here so after that nerve-wracking school days for them, they definitely want some relaxing and treats for what they have worked hard of the School Year. I was thinking of spending more time with them since I'm also busy attending events and writing articles during night time. And the only thing that I can say is that they grew up really fast, that's why as much as possible I want to spend a quality time with them. I like them to have a normal and memorable childhood. With this being said, as part of our bonding moment, Since SM Center Las Pinas is just near our place, I decided to have some bonding moment with them. My daughter asked to eat at Bonchon which my daughter really loves their Honey Citrus Chicken. We ordered 2 box meal and guess what they said that the kid will EAT FOR FREE! Yes, you read that right. Everytime you order  2 Box Meal, you will get a free kiddie meal for your child. My daughter doesn't eat that much ev