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Discovering and Nurturing Your Child’s Potential through Fun, Learning Activities

 As a parent, the best support that we can give to our kids is for us to allow them to discover their own skills and help them enhance it. together with proper guidance and support, we can give our kids that chance of achieving whatever they wanted to be. Enrolling our kids in talent camps is one of the ways that we can support our kids to help them see and enhance their skills, this can also help them build their confidence and social skills that will definitely give them an edge. Letting them explore on their own is essential to discover and nurture their true gifts. For instance, motivating kids to participate in various activities is a good opportunity to discover their interests. Aside from stimulating their creativity, doing this will also help push children to explore their full potential. To help nurture our child’s gift, PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 , a venue for children to play and learn, continuously commits into helping the next generation of talents an

Promil Four in Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow's Great

" Every child has the talent which can be a Gift if DISCOVERED and NURTURED early " - Dr. Leticia Ho As a mom, we always wish to have a child who is healthy, strong and intelligent. Sometimes I asked myself if I'm doing and giving the right thing that my child needs. In my previous post, I mentioned that being a mother is a continuous learning. It is great that there are brands like Promil who organize workshops and talks about parenting. During the Promil Four dubbed 'Shaping The World Tomorrows Great', speakers talked about the needs of every child. So how can a mom of a 5-year-old like I can nurture the gift? The Promil Four event 'Shaping the Gift to Build Tomorrow's Greats' aims to educate parents the importance of building a strong foundation for our child's learning abilities.  Aside from the Promil Four Learning Camp they also emphasized how important the nutrition plays a vital role in supporting child's adva