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Barlico : The Healthy Coffee Alternative Drink

Are you a coffee lover like me? As a stay home mom, I usually wake up around 6:00 in the morning. The first thing I do is go straight to the kitchen, get my favorite mug and prepare my favorite 3 in 1 coffee, do I need to name the brand? maybe I'll just keep it secret. Being a coffee lover for almost a decade now. I noticed that I always suffer from acid reflux and palpitation but I just ignored it since every time I drink my favorite brand of coffee I feel so energized. Few weeks ago, I was sick. I have difficulty in breathing and I'm having a hard time to burp. The doctor advised me to stop drinking coffee. I said to myself " can I really make it each day without taking or drinking my favorite cup of coffee?' I feel like " I'm doomed " But I guess there's always a solution for every problem. Last week, I attended a product launch of this new caffeine free drink, Barlico which is made from Barley. Barley is well known to have a lot of health