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Elevating Holistic Wellness through Optimal Liver Health

LAC, the leading health and wellness supplement retailer in the Philippines, supports World Liver Day 2024 MANILA, Philippines, 18 April 2024 – Did you know your liver is a multitasking champion? This largest organ in your body filters blood, absorbs nutrients, removes toxic substances from the body, makes protein building blocks for your cells, and acts as your body's vitamin and mineral bank. However, despite its ability to keep the body functioning properly, liver disease quietly claims thousands of lives each year in the Philippines alone. Liver disease refers to any condition that affects the liver's structure or function which can develop into four stages: Hepatitis, Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, and ultimately—Liver failure. According to The Global State of Liver Health 2022 Report, liver disease complications resulted in a death rate of 2.65%, with an estimated 16,500 fatalities in the Philippines—a stark reality we cannot overlook. While alcohol is a major culprit, habits like

A moment that changed lives

  Some moments fade with time, certain experiences leave an indelible mark, shaping not just our paths but our very identities. For Atty. Marmie Deniega and Amanda Hora, the SM scholarship application wasn't just a gateway to education; it was the moment that shaped the life they live today. The first to obtain a degree in the family SM scholars recall the beginning of their SM scholar journey A family legacy, SM scholar Amanda Hora becomes the first in her family to earn a degree. Amanda’s unforgettable story as an SM scholar began when she stumbled upon a Facebook post about the SM scholarship application. “It has always been my dream to pursue a quality education without the burden of tuition expenses. I enrolled in a university in Senior High School because of a scholarship, and I know that the only way to continue my college years at the same university is to obtain another full scholarship. That is why I never hesitated to apply for the SM scholarship, hoping to be accepted,”