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How To Help Your Family Deal With Stress Anxiety During Thanksgiving

  For some, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. Extroverts who enjoy being around people often thrive during holiday parties and while shopping. Introverts may get overwhelmed with all the commotion. People with ADHD or anxiety can experience difficulty dealing with so many activities. Even when you take anxiety medication adults may still need grace and a safe place through the day. Here are some tips to help everyone in your family have fun. Communicate Openly With Each Other A little bit of talking goes a long way when dealing with stress and anxiety at the holidays. We can’t always control how the relatives will act or the details of the day, but we can talk about what we need and how we can deal with different situations. Knowing that you have each other’s backs when one of you is nervous about spending time with the family can help you manage the stress before the day. Support Each Other Emotionally Talking it out lets you support each other emotionally. Childr

Pocky day 11.11 Take the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge and tap into the joy of gift-giving

  Glico Philippines, Inc. is celebrating Pocky day (11.11) this November 11, 2022 with a new TikTok challenge that combines the Filipino culture of gift-giving with a cute Pocky trend popularized in Japan. The Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge is perfect for those looking to showcase their love to the ones they hold dearest. Every year since, Glico celebrates Pocky day globally on 11.11, because this popular Japanese snack that everyone loves looks like the number “1” The tradition of giving gifts or pasalubong to loved ones is an integral part of the Filipino culture; this generosity and thoughtfulness are traits that perfectly resonate with Pocky’s brand philosophy of sharing happiness with everyone. This is why Pocky has chosen to celebrate their biggest day of the year, 11.11, with a gift-giving challenge for everyone in the Philippines to show their utmost love to those closest to them in the upcoming festive season. If you have someone you want to show your love and appreci