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Healthy Meals PH delivers healthy and balanced meal

The right and proper nutrition is the key for a healthy lifestyle. As we age, our body needs also differs, so planning what you eat will play a big role in moving to a healthy lifestyle. This generation is more conscious of their body, appearance and what they eat, so most of us right now are really in to switching to an easy way to be fit When you go on a diet, it's either you eat a small amount or you skip one or 2 meals everyday which is not good for the body. Yes, thru dieting you might loose some weight but you might end up getting sick, while weight management  is a much safer way than weight loss. How to get fit and healthy at the same time without depriving your self to eat the food that you like? Eat right , Live Right! This is should be the right tagline to achieve your weight and body goals. The right amount of food intake plays a vital role in your healthy lifestyle. But sometimes forget and don't have time to cook for our own food and just order in a