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24/7 COVID-safer Home? Yes, it's Possible with Panasonic nanoe™ X Generator Mark 2

  What if there’s a hero that can provide you and your family clean and healthy indoor air 24/7? Panasonic Communication & Product Planning Manager Francis Serrato, President & Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yasushi Kondo, and PACPH Vice President Mr. Tomohiro Yamada are joined by Mr. Gary Valenciano during the press conference This is the ground-breaking declaration of Panasonic Air-Conditioning Philippines during its February 11 Air Conditioner Convention, as it unveiled to press and dealers the big news about nanoe X Generator Mark 2, a new level improved innovation of the nanoe™ technology. Through a virtual conference attended by 200+ press and dealers, Panasonic revealed research results on nanoe™ – it has been proven to inhibit four types of novel coronavirus variants – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta in a 45-liter test space (with size of 350mm×350mm×400mm), in as fast as 2 hours by over 99.7%. This breakthrough news in health and wellness will in effect, provide hope for

Health experts call for more vaccine options on pediatric COVID vaccination

  One thing that COVID-19 pandemic has thought us is that no matter your age group, you are not safe from the virus. The availability of the vaccines has given us a ray of hope in surpassing this pandemic together with our loved ones. With the government expanding the vaccination program to younger ages, this only proves the efficiency of the vaccines and how it helped in developing immunity for more vaccinated individuals. That is why health experts call for more vaccine options on pediatric COVID vaccination. Health experts called for more options on pediatric COVID vaccination to meet the goal of 39 million COVID-vaccinated kids and achieve herd immunity. In today's Kapihan ng Samahang Plaridel with the theme: “Kids Kontra COVID: Urgent Need for Safe Options in Children's Vaccination", Vaccine Solidarity Movement (VSM) founders Dr. Lulu Bravo, Executive Director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) and Dr. Benny Atienza, president of the Philippine Med

Best Places to Live in the U.S. to Eat Like a King

  The United States is full of incredibly diverse foods and diets, and the idea of trying to pick just one can be a difficult task! However, from the Creole food of New Orleans to the Food Truck Culture of San Francisco, there are plenty of places that are appealing to your stomach! These are the top food cities in the USA, and why you should move to them! Why The Food Matters When you're looking at places to move, the average person may consider things like the average house payment, the number of jobs in an area, or even what schools there are: but it's also a good idea to consider the food that's there! Food is a large part of our daily life and controls everything from spending time with our families to what types of social activities we do. So seek out an area that has amazing food and incredible entertainment, and you'll be set for life! New York City, New York New York City is known for one food above all else: pizza. There are hundreds of pizzerias spread out o

Valentine's Celebration Ideas to Make Everyone Feel Extra Special

    It's that time of year once again when love is in the air. Whether you're single or in a relationship, one thing’s for sure—Valentine’s Day is always a wonderful opportunity to express your affection and appreciation towards your loved ones. Here are some ways you can share the love: Nurture and practice self-love You’ve probably heard the saying “If you don't love yourself, how will you love someone else?” many times, and yet self-love is still often overlooked. So why not use Valentine’s as a reason to also focus and care for yourself? There are plenty of things you can do to cultivate self-love. Write a love letter to yourself, a gratitude list to be reminded of things in your life that bring you joy. Spend a day of self-care by pampering yourself at home or spoiling yourself at your favorite salon or spa. Celebrate your achievements and indulge yourself with something you've wanted for a long time without breaking the bank. Especially with Payday coming soon,

Give love this Valentine’s Day with Red Ribbon’s limited edition Valentine Black Forest Cake

  Love is a wonderful journey of discovery. With time, people come to know new things to love about their loved ones — making them find more reasons to celebrate love each day. While every year presents a different set of challenges, it also inspires people to go further lengths in making their loved ones feel special. This month of love, another perfect opportunity comes upon everyone to express their thoughtfulness and give love in the sincerest ways they can — from sending care packages to writing sweet tributes to planning a Valentine celebration (together or apart). And what better way to complement their efforts and show their love than with a Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake: an elegant, heart-shaped creation that marks a true expression of a love most sincere. Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest is a luscious chocolate fudge cake that comes in a limited edition heart-shaped design. It is topped with rich chocolate shavings and drizzles of Ruby chocolate — which is the wor

The vivo Rush of Luck grand winners in for home makeovers, roundtrip Boracay tickets, and new vivo phones

  The New Year is off to a lucky start as the leading global smartphone brand, vivo announces the winners of its “Rush of Luck” digital scratch-off promo. The holiday is the season for gift-giving and for showing appreciation to the people important to us. This is why, to its gratitude to its loyal vivo fam, vivo decided to spread the holiday cheer and make some wishes come true with the “Rush of Luck” promo. With over 40,000 prizes plus amazing grand prizes, the digital scratch card promo proved that gift-giving is the reason for the season. The lucky grand prize winners–chosen via electronic raffle draw–who are welcoming the New Year with new phones, an office makeover, and a new vivo phone are: • Ma. Hudge Ganadillo - 1 vivo V21 5G smartphone worth P21,999 • Jade Fajardo - A home office makeover with XTREME appliances worth over P50,000 • Lenecy Clarryz - A trip to Boracay for two with AirTrav worth P70,000 Last year, vivo kickstarted a special promo to celebrate the holiday season.

Mom’s got your back: Iya Villania treats kids with fam fave Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll

  The saying that moms always know best has always been true for generations. Whatever the family needs—especially the kids—moms always give those that pass their strictest and most stringent standards. Iya Villana-Arellano, TV host and mom of three (soon to be four!), is no different. She gives her all in all her pursuits, but no matter how busy her schedule gets, she always makes sure that her family only gets the best. Whenever Primo, Leon or Alana crave for that chocolate-y goodness, Iya most definitely chooses the Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll. A sweet and chocolate-y bonding moment is the highlight of the latest digital video of Red Ribbon’s Triple Chocolate Roll, where Iya makes sure that her family gets only the best experience by saving the day with her supermom flexes, speed and intuition and of course treating the family with the Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll. “At Red Ribbon, we’ve long taken to heart how moms only want to give the best to their families,” says Cathlee