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A Yummy Breakfast by Kanto Freestyle in The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center

November 26, Saturday.I  attended a cooking class at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Centers for TOP EATS featuring the Breakfast All Day of the Kanto Freestyle. It was  raining that day but I really didn't mind,I was so excited to attend the cooking class. It was like a wish granted when I received an invite from a dear friend Ms.Joy Mendiola of Occasions Of Joy . I have been a fan of the The Maya Kitchen since I was in gradeschool. Mom always cook Maya pancakes for breakfast and my daughter also loves it.

I arrived at the venue exactly 1:02 pm. For this class, The Maya Kitchen invited the Kanto Freestyle " Breakfast All Day" to share their recipes and Chef Kris will be the one to do the Cooking Demo

Hot Pandesal with Assorted Spread
Chef Kris taught us how to make Cream Cheese Pimiento Spread  and the Pesto Butter Spread that is really nice for Pandesal and great to serve for breakfast.
Cream Cheese Pimiento Spread is a combination of Cream Cheese ,Roast Bell  Peper, Bu…


My daughter really likes pancake. Thats why i came to this idea of adding a sardines to her favorite pancake.
This one also have vegetables.So it will be a healthy snacks for your little kiddos

Healthy Veggie Pancake with Sardines


1can of Mega Sardines (Drained and                     reserve the sauce for later use) 1 pc onion (minced) 1/4 kilo cabbage ( shredded ) 2 stalks of leeks ( cut  1 pc egg 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tsp. Salt 1/2 tsp Sugar  1/2 tsp ground pepper 2 pcs bay leaf 1/4 cup grated cheese Oil for frying
*Batter*   You need a medium size bowl . Put the flour,salt and sugar.Make a well in middle of the flour then add the egg.Add water and make sure to mix it well.

*Pancake* 1.Use a small/medium frying pan 2. Saute the onion ,cook until become soft then add the MEGA SARDINES 3. Add the cabbage and leeks,cook until it become soft( so your kids can easily chew it).  4. Mix the cooked Mega Sardines and  veggies to the batter 5. Fry it by batch like how we cook an ordina…

Tuna Mushroom Omelette

I always make sure not to overwhelmed my daughter when it comes to her lunchbox or else she will not eat it. I make sure to prepare a healthy meal that will give her energy to do her things in school. Here is one of my simple and easy but heathy baon meal.
Jolly Mushroom Tuna Cheesy Omelette Serving: Good for 2 1 can Tuna Flakes (drained)1 Tbsp. olive oil1 can Jolly Mushroom ChampignonsSaltFreshly ground black pepper1 cup rice1 Tbsp. ketchup 1 tsp. soysauceFor Omelette 2 large egg2 Tbsp. milk1 Tbsp. olive oil4 Tbsp. Grated CheeseProcedure: 1.Heat the oil in a non-stick pan then add the Jolly Mushroom and Tuna flakes,cook for 2 minutes. 2. Add the rice then ketchup, soy sauce,salt and pepper mix it well.Cook it for 5mins then transfer to a plate. Note: You can wash the pan to use again or you can use a different t one if you like.I prefer my kitchen to not be so messy,that's why I wash and use the same pan. 3.Combine the egg and milk 4. When the pan is hot,( lower the heat) pour the egg …