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Appreciate the colors of your world with COLORGRAM

According to Wassily Kandinsky, "Color is a power which directly influences the soul". Beyond the ability to beautify our surroundings, colors have the power to trigger memories and stir emotions. Colors inspire our creativity and our expression. Color communicate personal and universal meanings and represent a spectrum of personalities and identities. Imagine life without any single colors, simply it is none! With this being said, SM CITY NORTH EDSA and DAVIES present a world where you not only see but also experience the power of color in new, exciting ways. Open yourself to a new dimension and discover a universe of color like you've never seen before. Celebrate and share your colorful encounters through photos. Set your mind free and get creative, this world of colors is yours to enjoy. Welcome to C O L OR GR AM HOW COLORFUL IS COLORGRAM? The features: A.    SHADES OF GRAM         From colored walls, floors, art blocks, pattered corners a