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Festival Mall, A new European Food Destination

European Food are also called the " Western Cuisine". European cuisine are known for its food preparation, style, wine pairing, Tempting aromas waft through the air at Festival Mall in Alabang as it opens more restaurants offering sumptuous options representing cuisines from all over the world at the new Expansion Wing and at River Park, making for a grander shopping experience. Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa, is a Filinvest Lifemall where the city's heart beats. Here are seven European-influenced restaurants that are a feast for the stomach and the eyes, and the soul that needs some good ol’ European nourishing. The Morning After, located on the upper ground floor of the Expansion Wing, is all about breakfast from all over the world. From Europe, it offers full English Breakfast (bacon strips, two fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and bangers), German Bratwurst Sausage (with rösti potatoes, eggs, and button mushrooms), and French Three-Egg Omelette

Shopwise Lancaster is now open

           Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you can buy almost everything that you need and save money while shopping? All of this convenience bought nearer to you by no other than Shopwise. Not only that this provided an easier way for consumers to purchase what they need without leaving Lancaster New City but also gives an opportunity for the community and families living within the said area to have fresh quality products at a price within their reach. It was more than a good news as a lot of people patiently waited for the new Shopwise to officially open its new store in Lancaster New City last August 18, 2018. Same as most families who are excited about the opening, We didn't miss the chance to visit the newest Shopwise. I even woke up early to be one of the many people who will surely get there to buy affordable and quality products. We were able to get there early enough together with some friends, lucky enough to still get a place to park while bein