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Filipino Bloggers Network Get-Together 2016: Another Year of Productive Partnerships

It was a night of great fun, awesome giveaways, delicious food and meeting new friends at the 2016 Christmas party of the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active bloggers group in the country, in cooperation with MetroBuzz Bloggers held at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant in Mandaluyong City last December 28, 2016. Blogger members took the opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old friends they have not seen for a while. Representatives of different PR groups and brands also graced their event and personally thank bloggers, online writers and influencers who have supported them in the past years. FBN currently has more than 1,800 blogger members and continue to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers to interact with other members from different part of the Philippines. Moderating the discussions and posting opportunities from different brands for the group are co-admins Divine RC and Richard Mamuya

San Pedro BBQ Sauce atbp - My New Fave Kitchen Buddy

Barbeque sauce is one of the thing I always need in my kitchen. My family loves BBQ Meat but I don't usually buy BBQ sauces instead I make my own BBQ sauce at home, but it takes time to make one. So I was very interested when Ms.Louisa Mercado, introduced the San Pedro BBQ Sauce Atbp. The good thing about this new found Sauce is that, I can use it in many ways. I used this Sauce in one of my chicken dish called  Stir Fried Chicken with Bellpepper and Leeks. It was initially an attempt to come up with a small business of selling barbeque on the streets until people started requesting for buying marinated meat whenever the BBQ store is closed.     This triggered the idea of selling the yummy fusion in a bottle. Directions for Use One bottle of San Pedro BBQ Sauce Atbp! can be used for a max of 1 & ½ KG meat.  You can use pork, chicken or steak.  Pour in 2/3 of the thick sauce to the meat for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight.  Mix the remaining sauce with a