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Kwikset, Innovating Home Security Doorknobs

Security, Isn't it nice to sleep when you have the feeling that your home is secured, some of us may be taking for granted the importance of home security, with crime rate rising, it is better to invest in securing our home to protect our loved ones. You may not be aware but securing your home starts with your door knobs. Recently Kwikset discusses the importance of doorknobs at Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 A leading lock manufacturer in the world, Kwikset, educate Filipinos as they discussed recently about the importance of door knobs safety feature during the Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018. Vice President and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands Inc., Dave Albert, personally discussed different form of locks in the market that was presented to different booths at the event. In the first booth was the product station where Asia Sub Region Product Marketing Manager of Specterum Brands Inc., Alivin Tan, showed the difference of common deadbolt lock that most of