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Doppel Herz Food Supplement Is Now Available in the Philippines

June 30, 2017, I was invited to attend a product launch of the No. 1 Food Supplement from Germany held at the Diamond Hotel Manila. Quisser Pharma the makers of Doppel Herz in Germany joined hands with Shawill Corporation, to be the distributor of the Doppel Herz  Food Supplement in the Philippines. Shawill Corporation is a well known brand of beauty and cosmetic products. It reach another milestone for being the sole distributor of the number 1 Food Supplement in Germany. The event was hosted by none other than Mr.Troy Montero who has a German ancestry. Ms.Sharon Sy, CEO of Shawill Corporation said that she likes to share to all  Filipinos the good health benefits of Doppel Herz Food Supplement. Doppel Herz initially introduced the 5 SKU's to be marketed here in the Philippines. These are  Omega 3+ Folic Acid + B6 + B12, Calcium + D3, Lutein + Zeaxanthin+ But A,C.E and Zinc,  Garlic with Hawthorn and Glucosamine + Chondroitin. These food supplements h

Ampalaya Plus Food Supplement Review and Testimonial

I'm a stay home mom now for almost 5 years now.I stopped working when I decided to be a full time mom and housewife.  We live in a small house with only few things to clean. Taking care of my daughter who is only 4 years old. There's nothing much to do inside our house. So I developed an unhealthy lifestyle. I didn't focus on having exercise, I sleep late watching late night shows while writing. I become dependent to unhealthy foods/stuff. I gained weight. A month ago I noticed that I always had headache,indigestion, hurtburn, body pain and my sugar level was higher than the normal level.  I was worried and I know that my grandfather is diabetic and their is a big possibility that it runs in our blood. That's when I I started taking Amapalaya Plus Capsule . DESCRIPTION Ampalaya PLus Capsule is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT -that helps maintain the blood sugar level.   -It also aids weight control,cholesterol, pimples/acne ,highblood, arthritis Ampaya PL

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day!!

Its Grandparents Day on  Sunday guys! Do you already have gifts for Grandma and Grandpa? It's our time to show how grateful and thankful we are to our lolo and Lola. Gave our old ladies and old man a warm hug and kiss ,don't forget to say thank you !! Here are some of a nice gift idea that you can give to your grandparents 1.)  CARD - you can buy one in a or you can make a personalized one.   They still love and will be touch if they read your handwritten messages for them 2.) FLOWERS - this is one of sweetest thing you can give to your grandparents. Grandma will surely love it. 3.)  CAKE - homemade cake ,personalized cake ,cupcakes or just cake that you buy in a cake store will be one of the thing that our lolo and lola would Love to receive. Celebration is not complete without a cake. .right? 4.) Personalized pillows, couple slippers , a couple mug -  These things can be use by them everyday.    For more things and gift ideas ,visit the Blu