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Clinical Test Shows Real World Effectiveness of Difflam-C® vs COVID-19 Sore Throat

  A recent in-vivo study done by the UERM Memorial Medical Center Research team shows Difflam-C®, a locally-available antiseptic gargle solution, significantly alleviates the so-called COVID-19 Sore Throat – the most common symptom and tell-tale sign of people diagnosed with COVID-19. The in-vivo study focused on establishing whether the combination of Benzydamine HCl and Chlorhexidine gluconate in Difflam-C® are effective in a real-world setting and was conducted on 219 COVID-19 patients from November 2021 until February 2022. This combination of active ingredients found in Difflam-C® solution have been gaining popularity in the Philippines particularly among doctors and healthcare professionals, with the synergistic action of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthetic, and antiseptic properties in relieving sore throat, as well as other symptoms of throat and mouth infection. Clinically-tested Efficacy in COVID-19 Patients Lead investigators of the study have found that Difflam-C®

Benefits of Having Your Own Dutch Oven

  There are several kitchenware that’s being sold in the market, one of which is the Dutch oven. It is a pot made up of different materials—it can be ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, or the most common, cast iron. Those that are made up of cast iron are heavier than our average pots, but the bright side to this is that cast irons are capable of holding onto more heat and are good at spreading the heat evenly. This, by itself, is already very advantageous. To put it simply, Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile cooking pots in the market, and we’ll prove it to you in this article where AllHome will be sharing with you the benefits of having a Dutch oven in your home by looking at the different methods of cooking you can do with just one Dutch oven. Frying   Fried chicken and lechon kawali are two examples of deep fried foods that can cause so much oil splatters, but we’d endure that because deep fried foods are one of the best foods in the world. Thankfully, with the tallness and