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T H I S Burger Not Your Usual Burger

When you're TIRED of your usual burger then THIS BURGER is the best place to visit. Located in Pilar Village, Las Piñas City. This place serves an awesome burger that will really satisfy your taste buds. I know most of you guys like the combination of beef and pork or the vegetarian burger but have you tried the beef and chicken combo patties?, This is what T H I S BURGER are serving to their customers. What's the big difference of THIS BURGER than any other burger store. First, they don't use meat extenders. Just by looking at the pattie you can really see the big difference of it from any other pattie. For me that's a big " WOW"! . The pattie is homemade same with the sauces that they serve together with the burger. The sauces.really compliment the taste of the pattie. They don't use Catsup but don't fret because their homemade sauces are really good. Your going to love this totally awesome burger. They serve flame grilled burger whic

Sigsaga Unlimited Yakiniku & Buffet For Only Php299

Buffet restaurant are really in this day especially to millennials. People can have a wide selection of food from local to international cuisine. Since me and my husband are into food. We also like to try a buffet restaurant that won't drained our wallet. This is also the reason of the lovely and humble couple who owns the Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet in BF Resort Drive Las Piñas. So ready lovelies! As I decided to find an affordable and has good quality of dishes. We went to a Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet.This is going to be a big deal for everyone who loves buffet, grilled meat and Korean dishes. For only Php 299/pax ( $5.98)  you can enjoy an UNLIMITED YAKINIKU and a nice selection of Korean and Japanese dishes in the buffet area. Yakiniku is a Japanese term for grilled meat. Its your choice whether you like premium cut pork or beef. SHABU-SHABU If you want something to warm your tummy. Sigsaga also offers Shabu-Shabu good for 2-4 person and buffet with unlimi

A Night to Remember at Planas Pantry

Some people are intimated when it comes to interior and design of a certain place or establishment, like a restaurant or a coffee shop. My husband and I are not introverts but we are easily intimidated by the ambiance and aura of a place. There are few restaurant that we visited that we feel comfortable and relaxed when we dine, one of them is Planas Pantry, not only this restaurant is affordable but as well you can notice the feel at home feeling, perfect for a family meal or get together with friends. The place is neatly arranged with a very light ambiance. The staff are polite and welcoming, considering the service is fast and can be compared to a fine dining experience with a feel at home twist. Another thing is they do not charge service fee but with the exceptionally fast and polite staff, You won't hesitate of giving a generous tip to the staff. How about the food and price?  Hickory Barbeque Ribs   A flavourful combination of herbs played a great

Tahong Island is the Latest Seafood Craze in the South

Seafood is a good source of protein and vitamins. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acid. My love for seafood is overwhelmingly big as my appetite for it and with this being said, have you ever heard of the latest seafood craze in the south? Last February 23rd, After an event in Quezon City we visited the Tahong Island in El Grande, BF Homes Paranaque. This place offers mouthwatering seafood dishes in which all the recipe was originally created by Mr. Edward Gutierrez, one of the owners of Tahong Island. (L-R) Me, Mr. Edward Gutierrez and Trisha Aguilar, Natalie Tugade of Seraphimnotes blog. Photo Credit to Ms.Tugade. Tahong Island is the first business venture of the lovely couple Edward Gutierrez and Trish Aguilar. Their business started when Mr.Gutierrez's Baked Mussels became a hit to their coworkers and officemates. After that they decided to put up a store where everyone can order and have a taste of their mouthwatering seafood dishes. While Mr.Gutierrez i

Best Korean Fried Chicken Is Now in the Philippines + Giveaway

Do you know, that you can now indulge the taste and enjoy the Authentic Korean Fried Chicken here in the Metro. You heard me right, You don't have to buy tickets and fly to Korea to taste an authentic Korean food. So, join me guys in my adventure in one of the newly opened  RestoPub in Ortigas. K-pop, Korean TV Series, Cosmetic Products and Korean Food are very famous to us Filipinos. I'm one of the avid fan of Korean Dramas and Food. I usually crave for Korean food after watching K-Dramas at home that's why I'm always hunting for that one restaurant that can really satisfy my taste buds for Korean dishes. The long wait is over! Recently, Gangnam Wings just opened its doors to the public, the newly opened restopub located in SM Megamall Building A Megastrip. Managed  by Chef Jung Chungyeal ( Chef John ) and Rinky Tuano. They started Gangnam Wings because of passion and love for food. They also like to introduce to us Filipinos the real taste