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Grandparents Day 2016

. Last Sunday, Sept 11,2016. We celebrated the National Grandparents Day. Me and my lola ( nanay taba ) was invited in an event in Dampa Farmers Market of The Araneta Center. Selfie while we are waiting for the other participants to arrive at CCA where in we are going to prepare all the ingredients. The event is about showcasing the favorite food of grandchildrens or apo like me which I will be doing in the cooking demo. It was so funny of me that I cried so much before we even started the cooking demo. I was too emotional saying how thankful I am to my grand mother for taking care of me since I was only 5 yrs.old. In this part. The host is asking some questions about my lola,her recipe and other things. At exactly 12:00 in the afternoon we started the cooking demo, though we encountered some electrical or technical problem, the staff are really fast and fixed it in just few minutes. Nanay Taba was asked to sit down while I'm doing the c

Grandparent's Day Event in Glorietta and The Araneta Center

Photo by GreetingIsland             Still thinking where to bring your Old Folks on Sunday to celebrate Grandparents Day. Here are some of the Malls that will have an event on Sunday. The Araneta Center going to have an event for grand parents titled " COOKING GOOD with Lolo and Lola" There will be Coming Demo, Grand Kitchen Fair, Gratitude Dinner, Pick A Prize and a lot more.  To know more about the details of the event ,visit The Araneta Center Facebook page  Photo by The Araneta Center FB Page The Ayala Malls Is going to have a Nutrition and Fitness Bazaar for Grandparent's Day. Sept. 9- 11 There will be free talks ,Free Workshop,Consultation and Bazaar. To know more about the details ,visit the Glorietta 's Ayala Mall Facebook page  Photo by Glorietta FB Page Any plans on Sunday?

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day!!

Its Grandparents Day on  Sunday guys! Do you already have gifts for Grandma and Grandpa? It's our time to show how grateful and thankful we are to our lolo and Lola. Gave our old ladies and old man a warm hug and kiss ,don't forget to say thank you !! Here are some of a nice gift idea that you can give to your grandparents 1.)  CARD - you can buy one in a or you can make a personalized one.   They still love and will be touch if they read your handwritten messages for them 2.) FLOWERS - this is one of sweetest thing you can give to your grandparents. Grandma will surely love it. 3.)  CAKE - homemade cake ,personalized cake ,cupcakes or just cake that you buy in a cake store will be one of the thing that our lolo and lola would Love to receive. Celebration is not complete without a cake. .right? 4.) Personalized pillows, couple slippers , a couple mug -  These things can be use by them everyday.    For more things and gift ideas ,visit the Blu