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5 Loaves & 2 Fish : A Must Visit Restaurant in Quezon City

"Cooking with LOVE provides good food for the SOUL"
Manila has been famous not only because of the beautiful places but also because of our unique style of cooking. Fast food, Buffet restaurant, and cafes are coming out like mushrooms. everywhere in the country, Some people dine in fast food thinking that they save money. For me, I still miss my mom's homecooked meal. I can say that home cooked meal is still the best. During my #tkmadventure in Quezon City. I found this new cafe named 5 Loaves & 2 Fish located in GF The Rock, Holy Spirit Drive. The owner who thinks that providing good food that are cooked from the heart not only provide food for the tummy but also for the soul.

The interior and design of the cafe gives a comfy feeling.  It's like your home away from home.This place is best if you want to treat yourself to good food, chill out with family or friends or if you just want to have your "me" time.

Why is the cafe named 5 Loaves and 2 Fish?  the nam…

TKM Adventure in Rizal: A Visit To The Art Capital of The Philippines

"ART is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas

I'm feeling under the weather since last week. So when I received an invitation to explore the Art Capital of the Philippines which is  Angono Rizal, I immediately said "Yes!" I once heard that ART is a reflection of life. This is one of the reasons why I love to look at a painting. I want to know what is the artist's message using his/her paintbrush and canvas.
From our meeting place in Makati to Angono, Rizal it took us about 1 hour and a half to our first destination.
➤ Angono Petroglyphs ➤ Carlos Botong Francisco Art Gallery ➤ Balaw Balaw  ➤ Blanco Family Museum ➤ Pinto Art Museum

Angono Rizal Tunnel This is the only easy way going in and out of the Angono Petroglyphs.

ANGONO PETROGLYPHS ENTRANCE FEE: Adult: 20.00 Student: 10.00 ( PETROGLYPH means Rock Carving from the Historic times.)
The Angono Petroglyphs is the oldest known work of art in the Philippines. It was discovered by the late…

Yokocho First Japanese Food Court in Baclaran

Are you craving for some authentic taste of Japanese food but have a limited budget.

I found this new place called Yokocho Food Court at the busy street of  Baclaran. It's the 1st Japanese Food Court here in Manila, Philippines.Yokocho is owned and managed by Mr. Jake Akagawa a half Japanese and Half Filipino businessman who decided to come back here in Manila to put  up the first Japanese food court here together with his Japanese friends. All the food stall  are all restaurant that already existed in Japan.

Yokocho means "Side of a Main Street". In Yokocho Food Court there is 10 Japanese food stall that offers different Japanese dishes at a very affordable price.

Every food stalls has their own specialties like ramen, noodles, sushi, maki, tonkatsu are some of the food that you can indulge in Yokocho.

Japanese Crepes
Ebi Tempura

Chicken Stir Fried Noodles
Pork Barbeque

The place is very accessible and can accommodate more than a 100 pax. The place has a  nice…