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Sharp Steamwave Oven, Your Dependable Kitchen Partner

Hi lovelies!,
How's your day so far?
I woke up around 8 o'clock in the morning today to prepare our breakfast. I just made a simple cheese omelette, had some apple slices  and a cup of my favorite coffee.
This is a part of my daily routine as a stay home mom as well as cleaning, laundry, doing the groceries, taking care of the kids and of course cooking. We moms are the Queen of the kitchen. For us to cook a delicious, mouthwatering dish on time needs a trusty kitchen buddy.

I like steamed dishes specially fish and vegetables but using the traditional steamers where in you need to put water and let the water boil first , is time consuming. While my daughter loves grilled chicken and veggies. My husband who has shifting work schedule and on a hurry gives me the need to have a kitchen buddy that I can preheat on the go meals.

It's good that Sharp Philippines came up with the Sharp Steamwave Oven it has a 3-in-1 cooking system that allows to STEAM, GRILL and REHEAT. With thi…

Best Gift Ideas For Newly Weds

I have friends and relatives that are going to exchange their vows  this coming December.  I was looking for a nice wedding gift . A gift that they can use in their everyday life.

December is also becoming a popular month for weddings aside from the usual Christmas season gatherings. The times may be shifting, but the challenge of picking the right gifts for the newly-weds still stays the same.  Of course, people want to give only the best things that the couple may use in beginning their new life and that it would be a seemingly good idea to start gift hunting as early as possible.

Fortunately, the world’s leading consumer appliances manufacturer, Midea gives well-wishers a chance to express their love and support to the newly-weds— offering some gift ideas that would be definitely loved by the couple and would help them in building their homes. Couples usually get household items such as flatware and silverware as gifts while for friends and family members who want to give somethi…