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Great Finds and Great Deals at Groupon

As a mom, one of my responsibility is to budget our finances, I also make sure that I get great deals for what I buy. Even on a tight budget, I know I can still extend the value of my hard earned money. From personal things to household items, I always make sure that it will not compromise our daily budget. I had a habit of going online to check for places or websites that offer great deals. Then I was able to see  Groupon , a well-known website that offer great deals starting from your favorite restaurants, hotels, stores, establishments and most services. It's good to check this Groupon if you are planning to visit the new restaurant just across the street or if you are planning to buy an early gift for birthdays or weddings, this will also be perfect for the holidays season. not only that you will save money but you will also have wide options to choose from. I love  Groupon Coupon because you can save a lot of money by using their coupon. Groupon has 88,830 free

Worry Free Parenting with the Limited Edition Friso Watch

Are you the kind of parent that can't concentrate when your child is in school or in other places? Being over protective has a positive and negative impact in our child developmental and growth. Me, as a mother of a 5 years old who already started going to school I'm always worried about her safety. Most of the time I become over protective to her, which I think is normal for all moms out there especially we read and hear a lot of negative events in the news. Kids nowadays love to explore and discover new things on their own, but as mothers, we also wanted to make sure that they will be responsible for their actions at an early age. Allowing them to play outside is one of the best things during childhood. Making new friends and playing with them will enhance their social ability. Worrying has always been a part of being a parent, we are afraid that our kids may get hurt or lost.  Now we can now breathe and leave all the worries. We can let our kids play and enjo

Gangnam Wings Continues to Satisfy Diners with Their New Korean Dishes

Korean wave continues to be a phenomenon across the world. A lot of people are being charmed and becomes an avid fan of Korean culture. From Cosmetics, K-dramas, K-pop and one of the most popular now here in the Philippines are the Korean foods Tried a lot of Korean Restaurants, but there will always be this one restaurant that will stand out and will always make you feel that you are in Korea while tasting their food. This is what Gangnam Wings always makes me think, every time I order and taste their Korean Style Fried Chicken and other best seller. Gangnam Wings became popular to diners and food enthusiast because of the huge serving of their chicken and it's at the same time, having an authentic taste of Korean Fried Chicken. As they continue to delight customers with their authentic and flavorful Korean dishes. They are also proud of their ingredients and other products that are inside the resto-bar which mostly are imported from Korea, as they want diners to exp

Barlico : The Healthy Coffee Alternative Drink

Are you a coffee lover like me? As a stay home mom, I usually wake up around 6:00 in the morning. The first thing I do is go straight to the kitchen, get my favorite mug and prepare my favorite 3 in 1 coffee, do I need to name the brand? maybe I'll just keep it secret. Being a coffee lover for almost a decade now. I noticed that I always suffer from acid reflux and palpitation but I just ignored it since every time I drink my favorite brand of coffee I feel so energized. Few weeks ago, I was sick. I have difficulty in breathing and I'm having a hard time to burp. The doctor advised me to stop drinking coffee. I said to myself " can I really make it each day without taking or drinking my favorite cup of coffee?' I feel like " I'm doomed " But I guess there's always a solution for every problem. Last week, I attended a product launch of this new caffeine free drink, Barlico which is made from Barley. Barley is well known to have a lot of health

6 Restaurants Frequently Visited in Westgate Alabang

The Kitchen Mom took another food adventure to the city of South to check out 6 restaurants frequetly visited by people in Westgate, Alabang. I've been living in the South area since childhood days. South area is very well-known for some  landmarks like the Bamboo Organ, Sarao Motors, and the old  salt farm. South area continue to progress attracting more investors and people to relocate in this area because of the relaxing and nice environment. Investors started to build bigger malls, food parks, and place that are great for the family to visit and to chill out with friends, one of it is in Westgate Center Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Westgate Center Alabang is 9.2 hectares with a street style concept like  a neo-cosmopolitan setting. It's like a village within a big village. The concept of this is giving patrons and customers like the main street ambiance for more relaxing. Since this momma has interest in food, I will take you to an awesome food adventure inside W

My Vivere Salon Festival Mall Experience with Donnie Rodriquez

Just a few weeks back, I felt bored with my hair color, too plain, I wanted to change, I said to my self. I decided to go to Vivere Salon in Festival Mall Alabang and have a new hair color and some "Me time".As a mom, I also need to allot time for my self and have some pampering, this also boosts our confidence and self-esteem. During the hair color session I was handled by Viviere Senior Stylist  Donnie Rodriguez and his assistant JM, I was really impressed on how they accommodated and attended to my needs. I was also amazed of my hairstylist's background, Donnie has been in the Hair Styling Industry for 11 years now, he also came from humble beginnings as a junior hair stylist and was trained by professional hair stylists of Vidal Sassoon in Shanghai, China.with that being said, I really felt confident that the outcome will be great The session took almost 3 hours, and patiently I wait for the outcome of my new hair color, but time passes quickly as I a

First-Ever Sun Life Aquathlon Kicking-Off this September

Thursday, August 10, 2017 Sun Life Financial  Philippines, the number one life insurance company in the country again showed their support for wellness and healthy lifestyle. Their mission is to help every Filipinos to achieve their financial independence and also encourage people to live a healthier life, that's why they've started the GoWell community which aims to provide information regarding a healthy lifestyle. This Year, Sun Life is hosting the first-ever Aquathlon organized by one of the country's trusted and multisport organizer, Bike King Philippines. This event also aims to inspire people to discover the physical activities that will be best for them. Sun Life Aquathlon is a multi-sports that is great for newbies that are starting to think of getting into a much healthier lifestyle by doing a multisport and for the race-honed triathlete. There will be two categories. Sun Life Aquathlon  Categories  Aqua Full - features a 400 -meter swim and