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Acuatico Beach Resort, A Piece Of Paradise Where The Sky Meets The Sea

"You Only Live Once" , a phrase I usually hear these days, a short phrase that gives you the meaning to enjoy life to the fullest. After Surviving all the trials that I had for the entire year, the best thing to do is to reward my self with some "me time", away from the city life and a day to look and be thankful for whatever I currently have.AcuaticoBeach Resort is really a piece of paradise. With this being said, I can say that I had a perfect day today as I had the opportunity to visit Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San  Juan Batangas a place away from the city, and a place where the sky meets the sea. When I arrived at the Resort the first thing that I noticed was the inviting ambiance and its friendly staff. a feeling that I am really away from the skyscrapers, a feeling of relaxation at its finest. as my adventure goes, I really enjoyed the dip in their infinity pool overlooking the sea, a very calming and all I can say is WOW! as I see all