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Jollibee back-to-school toys make learning more fun and exciting

School should always be fun and cool, specially if you have your Jollibee School Pals.  Allow your kids to have a fun filled adventures while in school with Jollibee and friends Available with every Jolly Kiddie Meal, the Jollibee School Pals is a set of back-to-school toys, each with different functions, that enable kids to be more creative at home and inside the classroom. Young students can use the Jollibee Sharpener to keep their pencils from getting dull as they watch Jollibee spin around. With the Hetty Tape Dispenser, they can make Hetty turn as they pull strips of adhesive tape for their school projects. With the Popo Stamper, kids can watch Popo dribble the ball while they creatively decorate their projects. They can also use the Twirlie Notepad to write messages to their classmates by simply opening the base to get the notepad. After, they can pull the lever at the back to see Twirlie’s hands move with excitement. Drawing lines and shapes is more fun with the

Let's Take A Break Mommies - " MIndful Mom Re-treat " Event

"Being a mom is a  24/7  job but it is  the best job ever" As a mom we are so busy from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we sleep.  My day  starts around 6 am preparing breakfast, then doing my morning routine, preparing Chelsea things, Doing the laundry,cleaning the house and everything . .. .. .. .for sure nakakarelate kayo mga mommies. We have duties as a mom and a wife but we also need to take care of ourselves. That's why I like to share to you an event by  Mommy Mundo which is the "Mindful Mom Re-treat" Actually I registered to this event before but for some personal reason I wasn't able to come that's why I'm so happy that it was rescheduled. Photo Credit to Mommy Mundo   " September 10, as we have another run of our Mindful Mom Retreat at @arugabyrockwell 💕 Take time to rget in touch and re-center yourself. Open to all mommies who want and need time for themselves. Y