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Buko Pandan with Nata de Coco Recipe

Buko Pandan is one of my family's all time favourite dessert.  Sino nga ba ang ayaw ng Buko Pandan. Ito yung lagi namin inoorder sa restaurant for dessert. Simula nung nag lockdown at hindi kami makalabas ng buong pamilya, pinag-aralan ko nalang gawin yung mga paboritong pagkain ng mga bata lalo na ang dessert katulad nitong Buko Pandan. Akala ko noong una, mahirap gawin pero hindi pala. Ilang ingredients lang ang kailangan at hindi complicated ang procedure.  Mas naging Creamy Sarap pa ang Special Buko Pandan ko dahil ginamitan ko Ito ng Jolly Cow Condensada. Swak din Ito sa budget nating mga nanay dahil Ito ay affordable.  Bukod sa Creamy Sarap na dessert maganda din itong gawin negosyo.  Buko Pandan Jelly with Nata de Coco  Ingredients 1 can Jolly Cow Condensada 390g 1 bottle Nata de Coco 1 250ml All purpose cream 3 cups kinayod na buko 1 cup fresh buko juice For the Gelatin 1 pack Buko pandan flavored Gulaman 5 cups fresh buko juice 1/2 cup white sugar 2 Pandan leaves Instruct

Ube Cheesecake Bingsu

  Since the pandemic started, we've learned to be creative and resourceful in different ways, and creating dessert are one of those, because you don't need to go out or spend much to satisfy your dessert cravings. Create your own Bingsu that you can enjoy while watching your favourite Kdrama with this simple recipe.  DIY Ube Cheesecake Bingsu Ingredients :  1 cup evaporated milk 1/4 cup of condensed milk  1 tbsp Ube Flavor  5 lemon Square Cheese Cake 3-5  Cherries Whipped Cream Mint leaves  Procedure 1. In a medium bowl or  measuring cup  mix evaporated milk, condensed milk and Ube Flavor. Pour it in a medium size container or ice tube tray. Freeze it for 1-3 hours until it becomes solid. 2. Take out the ube milk block and put it in a shaved ice machine or you can use food processor, grater, knife or fork to grind the milk  block until smooth. 3. Put the UBE MILK  shaved ice in a chilled serving bowl, add the crumbled Lemon Square Cheesecake on top ( this will add a nice textur

A Jolly Peach Dessert Perfect For The Hot Weather

When the temperature reach 41 degree Celsius . The first thing that will comes in your mind is to eat something cold. Some of us will open the freezer and look for a dessert like Ice Cream or any frozen fruits but what if there's no ice cream and no frozen fruits. With that kind of temperature some or most of us wont like to go out just to buy the dessert. At times like this its either I'm craving for some Halo-Halo, Mais Con Yelo or a Bingsu. Bingsu are too expensive in a Korean store or cafe. But now you can make a Bingsu at home not as silky as snow but it will be totally refreshing. Jolly Shaved Ice with Peaches Ingredients: 1 can of Jolly Peaches Halves ( cut into cube sizes ) 1 can of Jolly Cow Condensed milk 1 can of Jolly Coconut milk 1 tbsp of white sugar 1 can of Jolly Fresh  milk Procedure: 1. In a medium size bowl put in the Jolly Cow Condensed milk,Jolly Coconut Milk, Jolly Fresh          Milk and lastly the Sugar. Make sure to mix