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5 Best-Seller Ice Candy Flavors That Let Your Kid Sells This Summer

Why people love ice candy? It is because ice candy is very refreshing and cheap! In fact, it is very easy to sell even in your neighborhood! Ice candy is a very common treat for Pinoy, especially in summer. It has a powerful magic that makes the hot weather go away instantly (aside swimming of course). It is very easy to make, and kids can make it too. You can teach your children how to make some and how to sell it on the market. This summer is the perfect time to let them earn money on their own, so they will know how to value it. They can also use that money to invest on their self like enrolling in summer classes from Mommy Blogger Pehpot ’s list of summer activities for kids. They can learn how to make and sell ice candy, and at the same time, they can provide for their summer self-enhancement! So to begin with, there are three types homemade of ice candy: a.       Instant juices or instant powdered premixes ice candy It is the easiest type of ice candy. You ju