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Rice: The staple that Filipinos can’t live without

Rice is considered as the global staple food. In most of Asian countries , rice is the staple food in every table. Filipinos can eat more than one cup of rice with almost everything. It's the food source that completes the meals on the table. This is why a Filipino meal is not complete without rice. Rice has also been an important part of the Philippine culture, that one basis of growing up and maturity is whether or not you can cook/steam rice properly. Rice is versatile and it’s what makes the dish unique. Besides the fact that a meal is more scrumptious with rice, it is also nutritive. It helps control blood pressure, improves metabolism, and promotes cardiovascular health. Rice is also rich in carbohydrates that provide energy, and has small amounts of protein but has no fat. The versatility of  rice is just one of the many reasons why rice continues to be the most dominant cereal crop. Rice can be served and enjoyed in many different ways:  sushi   ric

Health Talk: The result a week after without coffee

Coffee has been a part of my everyday life since childhood. As far as I can remember, my grandma told me that I started drinking coffee when I was only 5 years old, I grew up knowing how good coffee is especially with you add some milk or creamer on it. Coffee can be beneficial to some but not for people like me who are suffering from acid reflux and palpitations. I used to drink 5-8 cups of coffee in a day which did not result well. Now that I'm about to turn 40 soon, not getting any younger  and still taking care of my family, I needed to do some precautions regarding my health and do some appropriate actions to take care of my self, and that's when I took the opportunity to improve myself and decide to become a better version of myself. I decided to choose healthy alternatives on what I got used to and to make a better version of me. So I started from my energizer which is coffee. From my usual 5-8 cups, I have learned to reduce it and find a better and delicio

The Perfect Summer Vibes with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizzas

They say best friends are the people that can do anything and nothing but still enjoy the company and presence of each other. The same thing goes with bff's Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla. They are both certified beach Babes which can't get enough of the sun, sand and the sea. They have a lot of similarities. What else do these two talented stars have in common? Their birthday also happens to fall in the same month. Yassi's birthday is on May 11, while Bela's birthday falls on May 3. Yassi was introduced as one of the Greenwich Kabarkada way back in 2015, while Bela becomes one of the newest endorsers late last year. Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza organized the perfect Hawaiian luau for Yassi and Bela. The joint birthday celebration in a tropical- themed hosted by the 2 of well-known host and actors and also a Greenwich Kabarkada Robi Domingo and JC Castro makes the birthday celebration more memorable for the celebrants and guest. Yassi Pressm

An #AweSM Sweet 60 Weekend Party and Exciting Promos

SM celebrates an #AweSM " Sweet 60 " weekend party last Friday, May 25th at SM Megamall. SM treats its valued shoppers with lots of sweet treats, fun, exciting deals, and visual delights from May 25 to May 27, 2018. In partnership with Fruits In Ice Cream, Boysen, The Lost Bread, and Thr Dessert Museum, the SM Megamall becomes a fantastic wonderland of colors and desserts. The " Sweet 60 " activity area has been the perfect place aInstagramram wonderland to celebrate the#AweSM Weekend Party. As part of the #AweSM weekend, there be a giant logo projection mapping show at the Megamall's facade along EDSA, plus the relaunch of SM's " We've Got It All Jingle" sang by Ramonne Rodriguez of The Voice. The #AweSM Weekend Party gets more exciting as the SM Woman Divas  Frenchie Dy, Radha, and Bituin Escalante performed at the stage. The evening becomes sweeter with SM Litte Stars Annastacia Penny and the NU Pep Squad performed. &qu

Mother's Day Celebration at Shopwise

Mother's Day is a day of celebrating motherhood. It's also the day we honor the silent heroes in our home. This is also the time to show our appreciation to the woman who gave everything, who did their best and who continue to love their children despite all the challenges in life. A mom's love is unjaded. Last May 13, Shopwise Alabang treat the loyal mommy shoppers and their family in an afternoon of fun and learning activities for Shopwise Mother Day Celebration. There were cooking lesson, Wine 101 and Wine and Cocktail Show. Cooking Lessons with Chef Jee Mingoa Chef Jee is a seasoned Chef of Alchemy Bar and Bistro. He is an expert in French, Western and Mediterranean cuisine. Je shared her expertise and knowledge in cooking by preparing 2 simple yummy dishes that will surely be loved by moms like me. Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Caper Tomato This Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Caper Tomato will be a nice and simple dish to cook for our moms this month of

How to Choose the Best Natural Fibre Rug

Natural fibre rugs are a mainstay of modern interior design. Affordable,versatile, and stylish, natural fibre rugs are a great addition to virtually any room. However, there are various types of natural fibre rugs available, all of which offer their own advantages that you may find appealing. With various sizes, textures, and colours to choose from, choosing the right natural fibre rug can be quite daunting for first-time buyers. Check the tips below for how to choose the best natural fibre rug for your home: Know your options Natural fibre covers several materials, so it helps to know what your options are before you decide on anything. Wool, sisal, and jute the most popular natural fibre rugs, although both are quite distance from each other. ● Wool is perhaps the most versatile of the natural fibres, coming in various textures and colours, while they tend to quite durable and pleasant to touch ● Sisal rugs are made from the strongest natural fibres , making th

Follow the Season 7 of Road to Fame at Festival Mall

Filipinos are gifted with beauty and talent. It only takes of few clicks in social media to known and be viral. The question is, how can you stay on top on the game? With the right attitude and confidence can be the start of your journey on the Road to Fame.. Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City brings aspiring models – from children to young adults – closer to their dreams as it holds Season 7 of “Road to Fame,” and help them boost their self-confidence for a chance to stand out. This season’s open casting call is set on May 19 for children 4-8 years old,  and May 20 for tweens up to young adults aged 9-28 at the Expansion Hall, Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing. Aspirants will meet with top model agencies, casting agencies, TV networks to ensure a safe process only with verified agencies. Qualifying for Road to Fame requires a Php 1,500 minimum purchase requirement from non-food retail shops in Festival Mall, which will serve as the entry fee. Six talent agencie

Sharp Launched the 8K and AIoT Revolutionary Technology

Sharp a top global brand of quality electronic products and home appliances launched it's latest revolutionary products, the 8K and AIot. Sharp will be changing the world with it's newest outstanding technology to continue to provide consumers with World-class quality products. With the 8K and IAoT technology, Sharp's commitment to bring excellence to reality and consistently exceeds the market's expectations and satisfaction. With its impressive features, this revolutionary products will become a game changer in the market. The 8K Revolutionary Technology The revolutionary AQUOS 8K LED TV is the World's First 8K display to the B2C market, last October which is now currently distributed in Japan, China, Taiwan and European countries. The 8K is a revolutionary technology for the ultra-high-definition images with 16 times the resolution of a full-HD. It reproduces images to an ultimate reality, 3D effects and even facial recognition. It is highly recomme

Beat the Summer Heat with Healthy Beverages

With summer being officially here, keeping your self hydrated and healthy is something that we need to last the scorching heat, so aside from water who does not hold as much appeal anymore. One of the best ways to quench your thirst is to prepare refreshing drinks that will let you stay cool this season. While there are many available refreshments you can make for your family, it pays to ensure that you give them not just cold, sweet drinks but also some essential nutrients. To help you achieve healthy and family-friendly drinks, Santé Barley listed three fun and exciting refreshments that are sure to provide a cool way to beat the summer heat. Santé Barley Choco Drink Whip out your blender and take advantage of this easy-to-make drink as you can never go wrong with its chocolatey goodness, especially this time of the year. What you need to prepare: One sachet Choco Barley 6 ounces (177 mL) water or milk 8 sachets of Santé Pure Barley (24g) 6 ice cubes Three

5 Must-Haves for a Perfect Beach Adventure

Are you planning to go on a beach adventure? Me? I'm almost done packing our things for our weekend beach trip. With the weather temperature in Manila ranging around 40-45 degrees Celsius, I can't blame anyone if people just go pack their bags and visit the nearest beaches in the city. You don't need to exhaust your self before getting to that beach due to packing your things, it's better to pack wisely, remember to bring all the things you will need the most in your beach adventure . Clothes and toiletries are the basic things. With this being said, here are 5 of the must-haves for a perfect beach adventure. 1. Smartphone for Perfect Selfies  The Vivo V9 Velvet Red has a 6.3-inch FullView™ Display for a better smartphone screen experience. Photo from Never leave for a trip without your smartphone! Well, that is unless you are trying to get off the grid. Your smartphone can be your ultimate travel buddy that will document your getaways

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me!

When people asked me about my family, I simply answer them with a smile. I've never been ashamed but always been proud of how my mom did her best to raise me. I'm a product of a broken family,  My nanay got pregnant when she was only 19. She became a single mom at an early age doing the responsibility of a mother and father at the same time. After finishing all house chores and taking care of me, she even went houses to offer comics that can be rented, she never thought twice as she knew that at that point she needed to do something to raise me, help herself and her family. I can still remember her waking up early to help my grandmother in selling breakfast in our front yard. At the age of 5, I can still remember that day that my mom left to work overseas and I was left with my grandparents to look after me. Like most kids who grew up having their parents abroad, I knew the pain of growing alone, looking for the affection a mother can give at times I need it

Fiery Style: Experience the Modern Mexican taste in Newport City

I am not a fan of Mexican food, but that could have been due to those restaurants that I have dined that promises  "authentic and delicious dining experience" but ended up with a regretful dining experience A close friend recommended to try Fiery Style in Resorts World and I was not disappointed, although you really need to wait for the food to be served, I can say the wait was worth, I've read some bad reviews but I am glad that I still tried coz I definitely had a different and pleasant experience. Place 4/5 A combination of Modern design and Mexican ambiance with perfect lighting not too bright in the eyes and not too dim for you to appreciate the color of the food and the Mexican styled designs, perfect for food selfies. Although the place was kind of hiding from the sight of possible customers, they have courteous usherettes that will guide you to where the restaurant is and is more than willing to take your orders. Chairs are kinda compressed due