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Five ways recess time shaped our childhood

At a young age, what was your favorite part of the day in school?  Aside from the core subject like Science, Math, Language, Reading and Araling Panlipunan, almost everyone is looking forward to taking recess either on the school cafeteria or enjoying a snack box from home. A lot of your most cherished school memories would probably include a funny or embarrassing moment during recess time. For generations of kids, recess time was, and still is, more than just a time for eating. It is a time for bonding, developing social skills and forging friendships over the shared love for food. Remember those carefree school days? Here are five ways snack time made a lasting impact on our childhood. 1.  It gave us motivation to go to school. Remember when you couldn’t get yourself out of the bed on a school day? Aside from fear of mom and ‘ma’am,’ the thought of eating, and sharing, your favorite snack was enough to make you want to go to school. 2. It taught us about barter a