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Asian Cities Travel and Know How You Could Win A Free Trip and Accommodation in Thailand

Way back 2007 -2010 I was able to visit 4 Asian Cities for work and personal reason. Those travel are very memorable . 
Hongkong is one of my favorite places in Asia and the 1st that I visited. Working in HongKong for 3 years make me realize how important time management is.  Everyone is always in a hurry ,going to work, to school, to business meeting or just doing an errand

Shanghai, China
This one is very memorable for me. I was able to stay there for 1 week and it's really awesome. I forgot to bring my camera that time  so I was not able to capture most  of the beautiful places in Shanghai like the Pearl Tower. I stayed in a nice room with 2 beds. Unfortunately I missed the day that it snowed in Shanghai
I was able to visit a huge library and the famous city.

We also visited the old and very well known small shop that sells a delicious noodles and dumplings

Shenzhen, China

We went there for a day group tour We were able to visit the Windows of the world, A nice Chinese restaurant…