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Studio Bake a Bread Gallery for Everyone

With all these Bakeshops that offers almost the same bread and pastries on their displays, only a few of them offers quality bread that you'll definitely remember. Recently, I was invited to attend the Grand opening of Studio Bake, a bread gallery that is located at the UG West Expansion Wing of Festival Mall in Alabang. Seeing the place for the first time gives you the cozy feeling and a guarantee that the products that you will buy are freshly baked and delicious. You won't stick to one since they offer varieties of bread and pastries and it ranges from sweet to artisanal. There is something for everyone to bite into. I've been really curious to try and when I tasted it, I was really hooked especially for their pork floss! The products are really affordable and high quality. I can say that it is worth every peso that you'll pay for it. According to them, they produce their bread before the sun comes up. Everything starts with a fresh batch. Knea