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Showing posts from March 2, 2020

Yoshimeatsu Global South Las Piñas

We happened to drop by Vista Mall Global South inC-5, Las Piñas and we just discovered this new korean-Japanese restaurant that serves unlimited yakiniku with 19 side dishes and 13 grilling meats for a fair price of 549 PHP, approx $10. Since the place seemed to be open just recently it was not crowded yet, you can pretty much appreciate the ambiance of the restaurant. The staff prepared our table and gave us a brief description of what they serve, which is pretty great, he also introduced us to their ordering system which you did not need to raise your hand to ask for another set of pork or beef strips and you'll just need few taps on their on the table touch screen ordering system ( seems too flashy name) since I don't know what it's called, but it was great since you did not need to call their attention for additional drinks, meat, dessert, you can even ask to change the charcoal with just fee taps. They served 4 variants of their meat at first