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GoodAh' s New Dish and Newly Opened Store in Baclaran

Philippines popular all-Filipino food chain, Goodah opens their newest store  in Baclaran . It is the 8th store of GoodAh! here in Manila and opened their door to the public last January 16, 2017. Filipino dishes are being love by everyone. One of the most famous dishes that we have is Kare- Kate and Crispy Pata. Not only Filipinos are loving this dishes but also people from other country. With already 7 stores “Open 25 Hours” in Metro Manila, GoodAh!!! starts this new year with another branch to open. GoodAh!!!’s newest branch will be ready to serve people in Baclaran and quell cravings for their favorite Filipino dishes all day, every day. The Baclaran launch will coincide with another new and exciting dish that many Filipinos love. The popular all-Filipino food chain will be offering their own Krispy take on a favorite Filipino classic dish, Kare-Kare! GoodAh!!!’s Krispy Kare-Kare or “KKK” uses ground peanuts to give that traditionally rich and earthy fl

Know the Several Factors That Can Cause Hair loss

A few months ago, I notice  that my hair becomes so dry and  i  found  a lot of hair in our bathroom after I showered. Every time  I comb my hair  there are few strands of hair on it. I  worried and decided to buy stuff like shampoo and conditioner that promises to treat hair loss but nothing works out for me  Later, I realize that the best way to  treat it is to know what is the cause of it. Other than your face, your hair is one of the first thing that other people notices, this very reason is why most people take extra effort in caring for their mane, but are you doing enough? A hair salon is one of the usual places that a person would go to whenever they need to have their hair fixed, this is typical if you just need a relief from a bad hair day or to mend your split ends. What if your hair needs a more extensive solution such as for your hair loss? Several factors can cause hair loss and understanding your lifestyle pattern may help remedy your condition. •