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   You deserve to experience the way of life every now and then! To indulge yourself on things that seem like a dream on your work days could be what you're missing all this time. The Canary could be your oasis in the city - a place you will come to know for its unwinding ambiance and appetizing foodstuffs. The Canary is set to have a Sundown Halloween dinner of unlimited BBQ with unlimited mojito this October 31, 2021, from 5 PM to 9 PM. Enjoy the alfresco vibes encircled by artistic tunes from amazing talents. Cherish the moment and create memories at The Canary with the Sundown Halloween dinner for only Php 2,599 net per head. Enjoy everything The Canary has to offer without a worry as the minimum health protocols implemented by the Philippine Government will be observed moderately. Save the date and head out to The Canary this Halloween season! For inquiries, please call (02) 8928-9888 or visit us at F1 Hotel Manila, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 3rd floor. For up

SM Aura Premier Lights Up A Christmas To Fall In Love With

  In true fashion to the BGC-based upscale mall, saying that the holidays will be grand is something of an understatement. Going with an extravagant theme of reds and golds with shimmering bright lights, SM Aura Premier invites all to experience a Christmas that makes one feel like they’ve popped into their very own Christmas romance movie, like a wonderful scarlet dream. What’s so wonderful about these movies is that, apart from being aesthetically beautiful, they evoke heartstring tugging feelings of hope, wonder, joy and love. These are the very same emotions that SM Aura Premier is bringing this holiday season. As mallgoers visit SM Aura Premier to complete their Christmas lists, they’re greeted not just by the glimmering mall decorations. An abundance of seasonally festive offerings are also in line to experience, enjoy and love. The Christmas tree centerpiece features giant red trees, Broadway-light adorned archways and larger-than-life romantic swans. Integrated into this is a s

What Makes Jelly Sweets So Delicious and Where You Can Find Them Today

  When you think about it, jellies are quite popular and loved by both the young and old. The flavors and brands available for you to choose from are almost inexhaustible. You may be a jelly sweets junkie (it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we assure you a lot of us are in the same shoes as you) that has often wondered why they taste so delicious. Well, you don’t have to only keep wondering. In this article, we will be discussing what jelly sweets are made of that makes them simply irresistible.    Jelly Sweets – What They Are  A jelly sweet is a gummy candy that often has gelatin as one of its base ingredients. To learn more about gelatin and its benefits, you can check here . This confectionery is more common among children but adults also enjoy taking them as well.  They have so many benefits that it is no wonder people can’t get enough of them. Some of these benefits include:  • Their texture is pleasant, so they do not pose any form of risk to younger kids.   • They are flexible, so

SHARP launches AQUOS THE SCENES 8K series to enrich family quality time

  SHARP today announced the Philippine launch of its new flagship Audio Visual products, AQUOS THE SCENES 8K, providing new dimensions of immersive experience in living room. SHARP’s Audio-Visual brand AQUOS marks its 20 years with a celebration this year. AQUOS THE SCENES 8K series debuts as its anniversary models, over two product categories: TV and Sound bar. AQUOS is the original coined word, combined with AQUA + QUALITY, has been used since 2001 as the symbol of ‘New standard home used TV for 21st century’. In 2000, SHARP declared grand resolution to change all CRT TVs in Japan to LCD TVS in 5years, when only 4% TVs were LCD*2. After 20years, TVs in all around the world now are replaced to LCD TV. During this time, Sharp launch many World’s largest / World’s first TVs, and achieved 50million units accumulated sales in 2020. Sharp sets its business vision as ‘Changing the World with 8K+5G’, and our aim is to continue to introduce new products and services that meet the expectati

It was a Backyard Idea, Yummy Diet LiveStyle

  “It was a Backyard Idea.” This is the first thing that comes out of the owner's mouth when you ask where it all started. It started as an idea full of raw zeal and aspiration from different people with different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringing in life at a place where you usually eat, drink, and play. Young people at the peak of their quarter life inspired each other to venture on a business that has a very vague future. A business in the food industry delivering calorie counted meals was created and launched in a matter of one month, serving individuals in the central business district. CONFIDENCE “Yummy Diet” the only name that embodied confidence and hope in pursuing and battling in an industry where the needs are high and ever demanding. They knew from the very beginning that “Yummy Diet” will be the foundation of their company. Five Individuals, hungry for success, growth, and self development, started and made a breakthrough just by doing what needs to be don

5 Things Anne Does At Home (That You Can Do, Too!)

    If you’re from the Philippines and watch TV or use the internet, then you’ll most likely know who Anne Curtis is. She’s one of the country’s biggest stars and has maintained a successful career from her teens to adulthood. Yes, she’s beautiful, but she’s also funny, kind, and talented. It’s no wonder people can’t get enough of her even after more than a decade in the spotlight!   However, just like everyone else who had to adjust to working from home, a big celebrity like Anne Curtis also experienced being confined to the four corners of her house (whether in the Philippines or in the land down under). Check out 6 activities that fill her day that you can try, too.   Pet love   Anyone who has a pet knows that hours can go by just by watching your little furry friends run around the house. With her adorable cat, Pixie, who Anne playfully refers to as the female version of Garfield, we can only imagine the hours that pass when they have their play time. You too can

SM Supermalls launches the SM Startup Package for Aspiring Filipino Entrepreneurs

  100 Small business owners invited to set up shop in SM malls It has been almost two years since the pandemic brought Filipino life and many livelihoods to a screeching halt. According to a 2020 Asian Development Bank (ADB) study of 1,804 Philippine MSMEs, 70.6% were forced to temporarily close with 66.2% reported to have temporary staff cuts during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. Bucking these statistics and the odds created by the changes in the landscape, the enterprising Filipino found many opportunities in online businesses, with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recording over 88,000 new e-commerce registrations at the end of 2020. This figure is projected to be a million e-commerce enterprises by 2022 (from 500,000 in 2020). By taking advantage of the online space, MSME owners have become unsung heroes of the economy, all the while providing for their families and making their business dreams a reality. SM Supermalls very well understands the potential of each Fil

Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino promote financial literacy with the launch of “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” web series

  Manila, The Philippines, 13 September 2021 - Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments and Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), the multi-awarded resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), are launching a new version of their financial literacy themed play “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” (LLBB). The five-episode web series will be free for streaming starting this September. Launched in 2017 as an interactive musical that is supported by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), LLBB features the story of teenager Gwyneth as she struggles to handle her finances and learns the value of proper financial management with help from her family and friends, and some Filipino heroes brought to life. “It’s important to teach young Filipinos how to make smart financial decisions and the Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog theater performance has been extremely successful in helping us achieve this objective. This year, we wanted to create new stories that are relevant in the new normal, w

Groundbreaking Marketing University Upskills NutriAsia’s Organization

  In line with its commitment to invest in and further hone the people driving its success, NutriAsia, the Philippines’ leading manufacturer and distributor of condiments and sauces, has launched its first Marketing master course, the NutriAsia Marketing University (NMU). Anchored on NutriAsia’s core value of excellence, the NMU is a bespoke program developed in partnership with business development firm Acumen Strategy Consultants. It is designed to hone its participants to become exceptional, world-class marketers that consistently deliver results through strategic brand building & business fluency. The NMU officially began its pre-scheduled classes last 24 August 2021. It is structured to function as an actual university, with classes, case studies, homework, and group work to be accomplished by its students. Courses will be facilitated by industry-renowned marketing experts and practitioners who will share their knowledge and expertise on effectively and efficiently navigating

Pizza lover’s dream come true: Corner Pizza’s new Detroit Style Pizza

Are you a big pizza fan? A true pizza lover? You're not alone. Pizza is one of the world's most beloved food, and with good reason! It’s often filling, delicious, and available in a wide range of palate-pleasing crusts.   The Detroit Style pizza is one of the most sought-after pizza crusts today, bringing out the best and full experience true pizza lovers long for. With its distinctive rectangular, thick-crust, crispy, and chewy pizza baked with edge-to-edge cheese, tomato sauce on top, and other toppings, Detroi t Style pizza was built for savoring.   Corner Pizza’s new Detroit Style Pizza – Pepperoni is made extra thick with 50% more cheese. Topping it with 50 flavorful pepperoni slices on a chewy and cheese-crusted pizza crust layered with rich tomato sauce, making it a 100% pizza love experience !   Wondering what makes Detroit Style pizza unique from other types of pizza?   1.      Crispy Cheesy Crusted Edge Cheddar crust to give that extra cheesy c