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Taste The Ultimate Lechon Belly at KING BELLY

Recently, We've been to Marikina to try a fast food chain called "King Belly". Located just beside Marikina Riverbanks, the store opened last November 2016 giving tasty and heartwarming meals to every family and diners. The location has the view of the riverbanks and you can also eat outside to appreciate the place further. After the food was served, the first thing that I tried was their lechon belly, being the main attraction of the store, their lechon belly is more than just a front liner, this is the fruit of all the experience of the owner being a corporate chef and a dash of dreams and vision for better food. on my journey of tasting the boneless lechon belly I can immediately say that it was bursting with flavor and I can also say that it was the ultimate LECHON BELLY I tasted, the aroma was very tempting, not to mention the flavor of the pork belly that makes you want more. and when the say BONELESS LECHON BELLY, it really means "BONELESS",