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Newest Mobile Games on ESGS 2017 Was Launched By Synergy88

Due to high mobile phone usage, we rarely see people sitting in front of their desk and do stuff and gaming on their computer or laptop, almost all of the functionalities have been integrated to smartphones. With that being said, mobile applications are being highly developed and giving you an experience to the next level. Synergy88 Digital Inc. is one of the companies that develop applications. since most of the applications are mostly released by an international company, this company is proudly Filipino and that's why they are proud in showcasing the talents of Filipinos and so as the game that they have recently released. Just A week ago, they launched 2 mobile games on the E-Sports and Gaming Summit(ESGS) held last October 28, 2017. The 2 new games namely, Barangay 143: Street League and Ang Panday Mobile Game have been showcased. The Game's Story Line: Barangay 143: Street League follows the story of how a young and inexperienced basketball hopeful nam