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GRILLA Filipino Cuisine - A Casual Filipino Family Restaurant

Filipinos are well-known for hospitality and family gathering. We always serve Filipino dishes and we are proud of it. I love to cook Western and Italian Dishes but nothing can compare to our own  Filipino cuisine. So, I was glad to receive an invite to dine in this casual Filipino family restaurant, Grilla in Pasay City. It's time for the Kitchen Mom to savor our own local cuisine  Grilla Filipino Cuisine is a specialty casual Filipino family restaurant. They started their first branch in Antipolo in 1998 and in 2016 they opened their new store in SM MOA by the Bay. It started as one of the popular drinking and dining destination but the management decided to tweak its image to become more family friendly. Grilla Filipino Cuisine offers new local dishes and foreign-inspired barbeques. Their concept and ideas are all original such as " Buckets of Beer' and Grilla Feast. They also represent a wide choice of authentic Filipino Dishes fr