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Brevillel® Philippines Smart Grinder™ Pro For The Best Coffee Experience

Are you a coffee lover like me? Can you believe that I can finished 3-5 cups of my favorite coffee in a day. That's true lovelies. How do you like your coffee? Do you want it pressed or poured-over? Perhaps, do you like preparing it hand-dripped or brewed to perfection? Coffee, for most, is the morning wake-up call that pulls them out of the bed, and they have different ways to enjoy it. Some people on the go would never missed their old reliable French press in their morning routine while hurrying off to their work. For those who have time to enjoy the morning calm, pressed coffee is the best way to start their day. Adventurous spirits go for aeropress for that strong cup of morning java. An espresso-based coffee is that reward after a grueling meeting, or for just when you want to catch up with friends. However you want your coffee, nothing beats preparing a cup (or two) using quality, freshly-roasted coffee beans that is ground right using Breville® Smart Grind

Sinirangan Coffee Shop in Baclaran

Last friday, We visited Baclaran Church together with my husband Mike and my daughter Chelsea after we pick up something from a friend. On our way out ,I saw the "Callion" Baclaran Church Bell Tower.I was really curious and wanted to check it out .. So I was surprised to find a small coffee shop at the ground floor. Found this new haven for a coffee lovers like me. The  Sinirangan Coffee Shop has  a nice and relaxing ambiance. I also found out that the coffee from the Sinirangan Coffee Shop comes from the coffee beans that was grown and roasted by the typhoon Yolanda farmers from Eastern Samar. Which makes me decided to always visit this coffee shop every time I'll be in Baclaran Area. Taking selfie while waiting for the food They have this green board where you can check what's new in their menu ,available and they also og combo meals . They serve pasta,breads, sandwiches ,coffee and tea. They also have Combo meals which I think is