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My First Visit at Mesa SM City Dasmarinas

A few weeks ago, I visited Mesa Filipino Moderne in SM Dasmarinas., It was my first visit in this branch.It is one of the high-end Filipino restaurants here in the Philippines. Mesa is known for its delicious home cooked Filipino dishes. I'm into Korean and Japanese food for the past few months but I suddenly miss our own Pinoy dishes. I heard about Mesa from few of my mommy friend and I'm hearing a lot of good reviews about it. That's why I decided to check it out and try their specialities. As soon as you enter Mesa, you'll notice the touch of Filipino inspired interior and design of the place which makes the place looks more tempting to dine in.There is a family who was already dining when I arrived with my friends. It's a kid-friendly restaurant which is really important for me Staff are all polite and always ready to assist customers. Some of the dishes served with showmanship. They also accept birthday party and other occasions. This is the

Make Playtime More Fun and Enjoyable with Kids Plus+ and Baby Care Plus+

Playtime is one of the big factors in our children's developmental growth.It enhanced their creativity skills, discover new things by letting them explore and they start gaining confidence by doing some task while playing. Chelsea with her friends  As they become active during playtime which includes running, jumping and other things, which made them sweat. As a mom, I don't like when my daughter, Chelsea becomes sweaty. This usually happens after her class in the morning wherein she was able to play and do some activities that make them sweat. I started using Kids Plus products, one of the quality product of Tupperware Brands Philippines. These products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It also leaves a fresh and cool scent everytime she uses it. Kids Plus+ Shampoo  + Puricare & Cetiol Conditioners .  makes the kid's hair soft. It leaves a long-lasting fragrance in child's hair.  Kids Plus+ Powder  + Allantoin - it he