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Video Games: A solid connection to every generation

 It’s a rainy Monday morning. Ten years ago, it would have been the perfect setting to do nothing while waiting for class suspension. I kind of envy my daughter being on vacation and having the day to fiddle and play games on her phone. I was facing my computer, contemplating my next article when I remembered that it was Memorial Day. I should take the day off but as a mom working from home, what’s the difference between a holiday and a regular working day? It’s not like I could go outside to destress, then an idea came to mind. It turned out, I didn’t have to envy my daughter at all.            What’s the best source of entertainment within the confines of our home? If you answered mobile and computer gaming, you’re absolutely right! It was in college when I got really hooked on gaming. Sure, consoles back in my younger days Like Play Station 1, SEGA Genesis, and NES were awesome, but you had to buy each CD or cartridge to play the game, which is way too expensive for us back in the d