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BPI Officially Launched BanKo for Self-Employed Micro Entrepreneurs ( SEMEs )

Last Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Bank of the Philippine Islands officially launched its first micro finance bank. BPI Direct BanKo, Inc or BanKo was the result of the merger of two specialized thrift banks unit of BPI, the BPI Globe BanKo and BPI Direct Savings Bank  Inc. BanKo will be a big help to self-employed micro entrepreneurs ( SEMEs) which has a small business. BanKo will be providing these small business entrepreneurs affordable and appropriate loan products that will be beneficial to their growing business with the help of financial expert advice and solution. As we all know there are a lot of informal channels where SEMEs borrowed money for investment thinking it will be a greater help for their business but instead of doing more good it causes harm to their business. With BanKo, they provide a more formal platform which is more easy, accessible and they can get affordable loans. BanKo recently opened  15 new branches around the country including Bicol, Negros

Know The Reason Why Grayns Rice Cooker Is Perfect For Diabetics

In Asian countries like the Philippines, Rice is the common staple food in the table. We usually have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat rice like 2-3 cups per meal or 5 cups a day. As we all know, buffet and unlimited rice is now a big hit regardless of the age. Filipinos love Rice that's why most of us are shocked and some were enraged when a senator mentioned about restricting unlimited rice promotions from restaurants, which the said senator also clarified that unlimited rice will not be banned. Based on the study, the person who eats more serving of white rice has a greater risk of developing a type 2 diabetes. White rice is low in fiber but ranks high in glycemic index (GI )that can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar level. The form of diabetes is linked to growing numbers of obesity. For Asian people with type 1 and 2 diabetes eating white rice can be fatal to them that's why they refrained from eating it. With this in mind, Grayns Philippines

French and Mediterranean Cooking with Chef Xavier Btesh

One of my dream destination will be Italy. Dreaming of having some wine with my husband and enjoying a nice sumptuous lunch or dinner while being mesmerized by the enchanting view but enough of those days dreaming since it's like I already went there when  I met and attended a  French and Meditteranean cooking class with Chef Xavier Btesh at The Maya  Kitchen last Saturday. Chef Xavier Btesh was born and raised in Paris.He was also trained under renowned chefs. He also becomes a consultant chef of various businesses. His book Les Petits Diner de Xavier sold more than 40,000 copies across Europe.  He told us that French cooking is just the same with our Filipino style cooking. It is simple, easy and not complicated. For the Culinary Elite Series, Chef Xavier Btesh did a cooking demo of various and well-known French-style dishes from his cookbook, French Kusina.  Marseille Seafood Soup The Seafood Soup is really flavorful. I can really taste every ingredien

REEM 2017 : The Biggest Real Estate Expo in Manila

The biggest  Real Estate Expo in Manila for 2017 is happening this coming  August 10-11, 2017 (Conference) and August 11-13, 2017 (Expo) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The continuous increase in demand of house space and land properties is now attracting more foreign and local investor. During the 3-day expo speakers will share their insights and ideas  about the real estate industry here in the Philippines. This renowned speakers will also share their expertise and might give you some tips to get those properties that you are aiming to buy. Real Estate Expo Manila Conference Speakers Jay Castillo - Real Estate Broker Joey Bondoc - Research Manager Carl Dy -  President of Spectrum Alvier Marqueses - Digital Marketing Lead in                  Hoppler Dr. Mary Gaw So  - CEO of ReHub Bhavna Suresh - CEO of Arch. Romolo Nati - Chairman and CEO of  IDC Jettson P. Yu - Founder of Prime Philippines Real Estate Expo Manila 2017 i

Tips On Finding The Perfect Car For You

Sponsored Post Finding the right car is not as easy as picking a fruit from a tree, a lot of factors should be considered and at the same time a lot of great car dealers to choose from. I am here to give you tips on finding your perfect road partner. Proper research and comparison is the most important key to finding the perfect car. Decision making can be done once you have gathered enough information about the car that you will buy, like make, model, price, and purpose of the car that you will be purchasing. With this being said I have found that is the perfect resource that you can use in finding and getting that car that will suit your needs.Their website contains adequate information and everything you'll need in your search for the right car. One of the best things that I've seen is their car reviews, an unbiased and honest review of different car models, with very straightforward comments about the performance of each car being reviewed, this will

HUION Product Affordable and Perfect Tool To Use by Students and Professionals

Hi lovelies, Aside from staying in the kitchen and cooking my family's favorite meal, I'm also interested in gadgets and new things about technology. As a mom and wife, I always on a budget that's why I'm looking for new things in the market that will be useful for my kids like gadgets for school. Last Tuesday, July 18, 2017 I attended a product launch and partnership contract signing of HUION at Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Mandaluyong City Philippines. HUION is one of the well-known manufacturers that produces animation products and other handwritten input digitizer products.  Their main product line includes the USB Pen Tablet, Wireless Pen Tablet, Signature Pad, Pen Tablet Monitor, and LED Tracing Board.  HUION International HQ in China signed a partnership with Philip[pine Society of Information technology Educators ( PSITE ) and American Technology Inc. (ATI ). They explain how beneficial it is to use the small pen tablet by students and profess

Anti Trafficking OFW Movement (ATOM) to Fight Modern Day Slavery

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 A media launch was held at Golden Bay Restaurant in Pasay city for the oath taking event that will happen on October 23, 2017, at the Diamond Hotel, Manila. Anti Trafficking OFW Movement ( ATOM ) will fight modern day slavery. Buhay OFW  one of the multi- awarded public service show, which airs every Sat at 9:30 pm at Aksyon TV and Aksyon International will celebrate its 7th year anniversary. With this in mind, they are launching the project Anti Trafficking OFW Movement  (ATOM )  through the initiative of host and founder, Ms. Marissa del Mar. ATOM is one of the steps towards remedying the sex trafficking and forced labor worldwide involving a statistics of over 10 million Filipino men, women, and children. Common Destinations For Victims .Hong Kong .Kuwait .Singapore .Qatar .China .Japan .United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) .Malaysia These victims are large numbers of whom originated from areas; Metro Manila Laguna Rizal Pampanga Cavite B

S.A.M : Invest For Your Child's Future and Create Impact In Society

Aside from thinking of ways how you can help your child learn math faster, you can also start investing for your child's future. Seriously Addictive Mathematics (  is encouraging  parents and business minded people to start investing for their kids future. If your goal in life is to create an impact in society, now is your chance to turn it into reality. Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.), the internationally acclaimed math enrichment program from Singapore, is now available for franchise here in the Philippines. S.A.M. is the only Singapore math program that is actually made in Singapore and taught in Singapore. It is an award winning program that offers Singaporean math through enjoyable and interactive methods. S.A.M. comes with a comprehensive worksheet program that intends to hone independent-learning. Carefully crafted, using the step up approach, it’s designed to reinforce the different mathematical concepts explored and boost the child’s confidence i

Special Back-to-School Treat Offers From Griffin's Cookie Bear and Res | Toe | Run

Does your little one like cookies for snacks in school or during her/his playtime.  Griffin’s Cookie Bear and Res|Toe|Run are making back-to-school season more delightful with treats you and your kids will surely enjoy. Goodies from New Zealand’s Favorite Biscuit Bakers, Griffin’s Cookie Bear , await those shopping at Res|Toe|Run. With every single receipt purchase of Res|Toe|Run Kids’ footwear, you can get a complimentary pack of Cookie Bear Hundreds & Thousands. Available in Pink and Chocolate Icing variants, and made with real New Zealand milk, these delicious biscuits are perfect for recess and after-school snacking. Get these freebies until August 9 in these Res|Toe|Run branches: UP Town Center, TriNoma, Alabang Town Center, Estancia Mall, Robinsons Magnolia, Harbor Point Subic, Nuvali, Abreeza Davao, and Ayala Center Cebu. You and your little ones can also meet the adorable Cookie Bear mascot and get to play the Cookie Match tablet game to win Griffin’s Cookie Be

Mio Gelati; The Goodness of Italian Ice Cream in Every Cup

One of my favorite comfort food is Ice Cream.I can finish a pint of ice cream in just few minutes. I started to stop eating ice cream because of health issue but I was still craving for some every time there is new flavor available or I feel like eating something cold. It's a good thing that I visited Century City Mall in Kalayaan. So I found this new dessert shop named Mio Gelati located at the lower ground floor (LG ) I know some of  you might ask what's the difference between an Ice Cream and A Gelato because they just look the same. The word Gelato is an Italian word for Ice Cream. Gelato is an Italian style ice cream. The difference between the two is how it was process and the ingredients of it. ◼ Gelato is not too sweet like Ice Cream. If you are craving for Ice cream but you are a bit concious with your sugar intake, I'll say that you don't have to deprive yourself from eating something that you really want. Instead of our usual Ice Cream try t

Top 5 Restaurant That Offers Australian Grass Fed Beef

The Kitchen Mom  ( TKM ) was one of the invitees to join a memorable culinary experience in Metro Manila. I visited some of the restaurants that offer Australian Grass Fed Beef on their menu. Australia ranked as the no. 1 leading source of grass fed beef. It is considered as a healthier beef. Maybe some of you are thinking or have this in mind, "all cows eat grass." Yes, mostly cows eat grass but some are taken to a place to be grain fed. These are the cows that are fed with food mix with drugs, sometimes they inject in hormones and antibiotics. With Australian Grass Fed Beef, once the calves are born they drink milk from their mom, eat grasses and allowed to freely roam in their environment. Australian Grass Fed Beef has a lot of health benefits.It has fewer calories and has a lower fat content. In this Australian Grass Fed Beef Caravan, I was able to enjoy and experience different ways the Australian Grass Fed Beef is prepared by the different restaurants. Austr

Brevillel® Philippines Smart Grinder™ Pro For The Best Coffee Experience

Are you a coffee lover like me? Can you believe that I can finished 3-5 cups of my favorite coffee in a day. That's true lovelies. How do you like your coffee? Do you want it pressed or poured-over? Perhaps, do you like preparing it hand-dripped or brewed to perfection? Coffee, for most, is the morning wake-up call that pulls them out of the bed, and they have different ways to enjoy it. Some people on the go would never missed their old reliable French press in their morning routine while hurrying off to their work. For those who have time to enjoy the morning calm, pressed coffee is the best way to start their day. Adventurous spirits go for aeropress for that strong cup of morning java. An espresso-based coffee is that reward after a grueling meeting, or for just when you want to catch up with friends. However you want your coffee, nothing beats preparing a cup (or two) using quality, freshly-roasted coffee beans that is ground right using Breville® Smart Grind

ePerformax Celebrates Talent and 15 years in the BPO Industry

It has been 15 years since ePerformax started its journey here in the Philippines as one of the pioneer companies that helped the country grow its contact center and BPO industry. Since then, ePerformax has grown to be the best performing contact center for their clients and the best place to work for their employees. It has always been the company’s vision to maximize the potential of every employee by giving them rigorous training and enough room to grow their career in the direction they choose. Now, ePerformax is gearing up for the future of the industry with confidence it can help employees evolve to the next level – to handle the increasingly more complex customer interactions for ePerformax’s clients. “We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish in the last 15 years,” ePerformax President and CEO, Teresa Hartsaw said to employees and their families during the company’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival. “You are the ones making ePerformax possible.”