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Double the Support in Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity at Home

Nurture creativity by doubling your child's immunity because more healthy days mean more opportunities to nurture the gift. Every child is born with a gift, and it's the task of every parent to nurture this gift and help the child reach their full potential. An important but sometimes overlooked way to help your child nurture the gift is to ensure they don’t get sick, and this requires giving their immunity a boost. How exactly does immunity contribute to creative gifts? It’s simple; fewer sick days means more opportunities to rehearse dance moves, practice brush strokes, or master their scales. In this article, we break down five ways you can support the development of their gifts, and why you shouldn’t neglect supporting your child’s immunity. 1. Use everything you have in the house At the top of the list is maximizing your home environment to increase opportunities for creativity. Dust off old clothes and turn them into costumes, use old blankets as theater curtains, and stu