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Mommy Pehpot shares 5 Laking Lamang nutrition hacks for your kids All-Around Development!

  Until very recently, many children have not been able to go to school, go outdoors or socialize with other kids. Staying confined for almost two years was challenging for the children- and for the moms who needed to find ways to ensure that kids are given adequate support and stimulus for their All-Around Development (with proper nutrition and stimulation). Social Media Influencer and soon-to-be mom of 6, Pehpot Pineda, more known as Mommy Pehpot, admits going through this: “It was really challenging for me to take care of the kids during the lockdown. I felt like they have needs that I cannot provide especially because I am with them 24/7 inside the house. We struggled to adjust to the new normal especially with schoolwork since most of my kids work better in a normal school environment. Although we had some struggles, we had more wins as a family. We became closer since and bonded more as we did more family-centered activities. Since we could not go on vacation, we made it a point