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Different activities can help develop your child's mind and physical abilities

The school year is about to end, like most of the kids, Chelsea is excited to start her vacation, she even told us about her plans for her vacation, seems funny but this is one way that we see how she tries to manage her time. And aside from playing outside with her scooter and friends, going to the beach, and visiting our relatives, we want her to have a meaningful and memorable vacation. Chelsea is really full of energy and ideas, aside from drawing, we allow her to do small chores at home and believe it or not, she also managed to grow few plants in her mini-garden. She also started to join fun-runs, which we enjoyed a lot as it serves as bonding time for us. During my younger years, I also wanted to have this kind of activities but time and opportunity forbid it, so this time I wanted my daughter to be exposed to different activities that will help her develop her mind and physical abilities. Aside from being active, eating is one of the things that she reall

PROMIL FOUR i-Shine Talent Camp 7: Step by Step Guide to Registration

March has started and as most of us moms get busy for this month preparing for their kids graduation or maybe that family vacation that most of us has been planning for a year, let us not forget that vacation should not stop us from helping our kids in nurturing the gifts that they have, let us take part in helping them make their vacation memorable and fruitful for them. Aside from giving them the vacation that they well-deserved, one of the things that you can also consider this summer is enrolling your kids in talent camps that will help them in developing their talents and socializing with other kids of their age for them to be more confident. With this being said, Promil Four already opened their registration for their Promil i-Shine Talent Camp 7 on their website. With all the success of the previous batches only proves how effective their ways and their instructors that helps in developing the talent of every kids at the camp. If in case that you are interested in g

Discovering and Nurturing Your Child’s Potential through Fun, Learning Activities

 As a parent, the best support that we can give to our kids is for us to allow them to discover their own skills and help them enhance it. together with proper guidance and support, we can give our kids that chance of achieving whatever they wanted to be. Enrolling our kids in talent camps is one of the ways that we can support our kids to help them see and enhance their skills, this can also help them build their confidence and social skills that will definitely give them an edge. Letting them explore on their own is essential to discover and nurture their true gifts. For instance, motivating kids to participate in various activities is a good opportunity to discover their interests. Aside from stimulating their creativity, doing this will also help push children to explore their full potential. To help nurture our child’s gift, PROMIL® Four i-Shine® Talent Camp 6 , a venue for children to play and learn, continuously commits into helping the next generation of talents an

Chelsea at the Mc Donald Kiddie Crew Workshop

Summer is the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that! Asian Parent Ph together with McDonalds held a Kiddie Crew Event for the children of  Chelsea and I are one of the few mommy and kid that was invited to join and have fun at the kiddie crew event. For sure kids of the foundation really did enjoy their day at the kiddie crew event. Chelsea was so happy to experience what a kiddie crew can do. She made new friends and learned a lot during the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Event. Now on its 25th year, McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is McDonald’s flagship family program that gives kids an opportunity to experience in-store restaurant training and learn time-tested values such as teamwork, hard work, discipline, responsibility, and sharing. This year,  McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop  excites participants with a refreshed program that combines their all-time fa