Different activities can help develop your child's mind and physical abilities

The school year is about to end, like most of the kids, Chelsea is excited to start her vacation, she even told us about her plans for her vacation, seems funny but this is one way that we see how she tries to manage her time. And aside from playing outside with her scooter and friends, going to the beach, and visiting our relatives, we want her to have a meaningful and memorable vacation.

Chelsea is really full of energy and ideas, aside from drawing, we allow her to do small chores at home and believe it or not, she also managed to grow few plants in her mini-garden. She also started to join fun-runs, which we enjoyed a lot as it serves as bonding time for us. During my younger years, I also wanted to have this kind of activities but time and opportunity forbid it, so this time I wanted my daughter to be exposed to different activities that will help her develop her mind and physical abilities.

Aside from being active, eating is one of the things that she really loves, but as much as possible, we try to monitor what she eats as her nutrition is our top priority, so we make sure that we serve her nutritious food with a balance of fruits and vegetables to help her build her immune system.

As she grew, we noticed her passion for drawing, trying to draw everything she sees and what she feels, as parents, my husband and I are happy that at an early age we already saw her dedication in trying to enhance her talent and also explore new things.

Just like all parents, we want the best for our daughter, and recently with the launching of the new Promil iShine Talent Camp 7, we saw this as an opportunity for her to nourish her talent further and develop her social skills.
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Jonna Cielo said…
Wow! Galing naman ni Chelsea. Goodluck chelsea!

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