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5 Ways to Create The Most Meaningful Summer for your child

School year is about to end, so aside from the long awaited vacation of our kids, we as parents always wanted to make sure that our kids will have a meaningful summer vacation. When I was a kid I remember freely running in our backyard and playing with other kids and that is where I develop my social skills and exercise my sportsmanship in different games that we played. The entire duration of my vacation during my childhood were spent in playing with friends outdoor, household chores, visiting my cousins or relatives who lived far from us and ofcourse watch my grandmother cook our favorite dishes for me to learn her craft.

Generation may pass but kids nowadays still need to develop their skills, hobbies, socialize and enhance whatever talent they may have, so aside from going to the beach or spending the whole day in front of the computer it would help if we introduce our kids in other activities that they can unleash their hidden talents and at the same time help them improve their physical and emotional well-being.

Here are five ways to create the most meaningful summer for your child without depriving them of their "me time":

First, vacation does not mean that our kids needs to stay at home and do nothing at all, give them chores, and allow them to play outside, it's a way of developing their sense of responsibility and allowing them to have outdoor activites for them to develop physical well-being.Try bringing the kids to the nearest resorts and let them learn more about nature.

Second, give them goals for their summer vacation. A simple garage sale would help, sorting out their old stuff and earning money through it, in this way they can learn the value of money and help them become responsible in their finances.

Third, is to Create a special bond between you and your child. The most crucial factor in raising our kids starts at home, play with your kids, spend time with them and have activities that will create memories that they will cherish when they grow old and this will help in their emotional well-being.

Fourth, Time management, as early as now teach them how to manage their time properly so when they grow old this will help them manage their priorities and they can be more productive, you can start by allowing them to create their own weekly schedule at home.

Lastly, Help them develop their talent and acquire new skills, you can monitor them closely during their vacation and as a parent you will notice the talents and skills that your kids posses, we should not take this for granted as this can be their edge in life when they grow old and the most important thing above all is to see our kids do and excel with what they love to do.

That is the same reason why this coming summer vacation, I will spend time and support my daughter in what she loves to do, good thing is that Promil iShine Talent Camp 7 has a lot to offer this year and arts is one of them, which my daughter truly loves.

Aside from visiting our relatives in the province this summer, visiting the museum, doing some gardening and having picnic in the park or going to the beach, I made sure that Chelsea would be able to enhance her talent and develop her other abilities too, I want to support her all the way on what she want and I think we can start by joining Promil iShine Talent Camp 7.

She happen to choose Art Camp which she vocally mentioned to me before the enrollment at the camp which will be handled by Mr Robert Alejandro, owner of Papemelroti. I know this camp will allow my daughter to hone her talent in arts and crafts.

Promil iShine Talent Camp 7 also has different camps that your kids can join, they have the Music Camp which is led by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, the Ballet Camp is led by Ms Lisa Elizalde-Larrazabal and while the Dance Camp is being led by Teacher Georcelle of G force and these talent camps will be held in key cities in the country like Manila, Davao, Batangas and Cebu.

A lot of kids from the previous batches of the Promil I-Shine camp really showed exceptional talents and really sparkled through the years and one of them is Ms. Shaira Luna who at the age of two already knows the different  branches of Sciencce and she can play various musical instruments such as piano and violin. She was featured in Wyeth's infant formula ad in 1995. Today Shaira Luna is a fashion and advertising photographer that is represented by an internatoinal creative talent agency Jed Root Manila. Esang De Torres also known as The Little Broadway Diva "Mini Lea Salonga" was also a Promil Pre-School I-Shine Talent Camp 3 Grand Prize winner. She also joined various talent shows. She's the youngest artist to stage a major solo concert in the Philippines at the age of 9.

Knowing that every child has their own talent as parents we need to help them nurture and enhanced that skills and talents and since vacation is nearing try visiting Promil i-Shine Talent Camp 7 online registration to see more about their programs.Enroll your child aged 6-11 years old by visiting and then click on the i-Shine 7 tab!

Make every moment with your child this summer extra special by showing them your unconditional love and support.

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Raymark Antonio said…
great parenting tips
Melanie Calosor said…
Thank you for the parenting tips mamsh very helpful po. Tama po para maging active mga bata set some plans.
pchi peach said…
Uhmm.. wla pdin aq naisip anu pde nya magawa this vacation, since mag 5 plang din nmn, cguro summer class po. pde din un tips nyo na garage.. hehehe
Anafe Compoc said…
Yes..tama po kayo momshie..turuan tlaga ang mga anak natin na matuto sa mga bagay2..lalo na na malapit na tahanan tlaga magsisimula kung anu mga kakayahan ng anak mo.hindi lang puro gadgets..mas mainam din na sabayan natin mga parents ang mga anak natin lalo na sa mga household chores..atleast lumalaki sila ma may alam sa mga bagay2 at the same time bonding nyo na rin mag ina��
jennifer londe said…
Thank you for this mommy.itong vacation nasa schedule na talaga na uuwi sa province ang mga kids ko with there lola at lolo para maka pag unwind talaga sila nitong summer mommy
Unknown said…
That's 1 of my plan pag uwi q😁😁
Yes po momshie mas maganda bata pa tinuturuan na para Pag laki Alam na nila at hindi na mahirapan at pursigihin na matuto kasi Alam nila na para din sa kanila Yun. Kaya Pag lumaki ang mga anak ko tuturuan ko Rin sila momshie super thank you po sa mga tips mo.
kaya po ako todo turo sa anak ko e habng bata pa pra pag dating ng sya lng mag isa alam nia na ggwin nia ayun masunurin nmn minsan makulit pero ok lng part n dn un ng buhay hehehe ang importante maturuan ko sya ng tama at mali😍
Jhas Mhen said…
We will visit in province and do sum gardening in there :)
Connie cano de guzman said…
Ngayon darating vacation ng mga I relax muna ang isip nila.
Since my kids is 2and 3 yrs old palang need pa rin nila mag laro outdoors 😊 ipasyal sa mga palaruan. But for me cguro sasanayin ko na ung mga kids ko na humawak ng crayons and pen. Xmpre may gabay pa rin cla para kpag ready na cla sa school ok na cla sa ganong bagay. Hindi ko cla sinasanay sa mga gadgets. Sa labas lang cla nag lalaro ok na cla.
myweethought said…
Summer is approaching really fast! thanks for your tips! Will certainly recommend this to all the mommy and dad out there..
Fran Jorgensen said…
I just love the variety of ideas that you are giving! Summer is the perfect time of the year to head outside and enjoy some great activities!

All simple, but effective ideas that certainly test the imagination of adults and the fun of children.
Fred said…
I really like the idea of having summer goals. Kids should have at least some portion of their summer break where they are being productive!
Diana said…
Such great tips that will last with your family for a lifetime. The nice memories for the spring and summer months ahead !!!
leah said…
oh yes I am a huge believer in experience over material things so vacations are a must!
Reika Misaki said…
Thank you for the parenting tip! I'm not a parent yet, but I enjoyed reading your post. I'll let my friends with kids read this as well so they could get a tip from you! Keep up the good work!
themamicam said…
Summer is coming! love all the tips! thanks for sharing!
Allan Bough said…
Yass! Kids' talents should be nurtured and since malapit na ang summer,best to keep them busy doing things. This is also one way of boosting their confidence. <3
These are great tips! We might sign our kids up for some sort of sport of fun program for the summer. We usually do some gardening and swimming for the summer.
Ahsimply said…
This is such a great resource for me! Thank you so much 😊
Jelena said…
Good idea for Talent Camp. I hope there is something similar in my surrounding. My kids would enjoy it there.
ShomaPat said…
I love this! Such a great way to spend the summer.
Unknown said…
My daughters are 3 and 10 and summer is very very exciting at these ages. Every year we spend a week at our favorite California beach town and can't wait to visit the weekend after school is out this year!
David Elliott said…
I really like these five goals. I think if I were to work on one, it would be helping out with improving my daughter's talent in a couple of fields. I think I will do art this year. This is a cool list.
Cindy Ingalls said…
I must admit I'm a little jealous of kids these days, especially when it comes to summer camps. There are so many cool ones that allow kids to indulge their interests and imaginations.
Lorna Morva said…
great ideas. definitely i will do some... 😍😍😍
Stella Sesuca said…
Wow I love all the ideas here. My 3 kids have their summer program which is free yearly at Camp Crame conducted by the Police officers. Sports for the kids and for moms who loves to dance and have fun while their kids are enjoying too. They got Chess,Swimmimg,taekwando,basketball,badminton etc. Thats why I encouraged every kids to join there its free and they will learn more sports rather than playing computers
Abba Seyer said…
Maganda po yan, Momshie! At least ngayon pa lang po pwede na mag-prepare for summer vacation kung ano ang mga pwedeng gawin ng mga bata. Ang mga bata kasi nowadays are always using gadgets daily so wala ng time for anything about learning experience sa buhay. Kaya kadalasan natatali na sila ngayon sa pagga-gadgets or online gaming.
Emcel Fajardo said…

Gaganda ng tips para ngayon darating na summer vacation ng mga bagets para maging makabuluhan ang kanilang bakasyon at hindi lang puro gadgets.
Summer vacation is one of the most awaited season ng mga kids ko, because they going to the beach and playing outdoor games. Sakto ang mga tips na nabasa ko to have a more enjoyable summer vacation.
Aia said…
summer is fast approaching. My niece is signing up for the church VCS program. This program makes her busy the whole summer..
Jonna Cielo said…
Super dami palang pwedeng gawing activity ngayong summer. Thank you for sharing momsh! :)
Cris Vergara said…
gusto ko isali ang anak ko sa ishine . Pero wala pang sapat na budget. Kaya ngayung summer ieneroll ko lang sya sa cityhall yung free lesson swimming para may pagkaabalahan sya ngayung bakasyon. Grabe ang bilis ng buwan noh? Momshie parang kailan lang pasukan, ngayun magbabakasyon na naman. 😊😂
Sion de guzman said…
Wow march na magbakasyon naman mga bata ang ng araw parang kaylan lang.
khriz armada said…
thank you for sharing this idea.maganda ito para s mga bata instead of watching tv and playing gudget.
Jhas Mhen said…
We will do some urban gardening here and plant lots of oregano and citronella kasi Ang daming lamok ��
Wow. Sana magawa din namin to.
Merelle Joy Timoteo said…
I'll try some. Thanks for sharing

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