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A smoky celebration with Kenny Rogers Roasters all-new Smokehouse BBQ Roast & Ribs

     Almost everyone loves the smoky and savory taste of a smokehouse barbecue. And with the festive season well underway, Kenny Rogers Roasters is bringing an American-style barbeque holiday with its newest offerings, the Smokehouse BBQ Roast & Ribs. Their flavors are further amplified with three new sauces: Roasted Garlic, Applewood, and Alabama to make every celebration truly one to remember! No one can ever go wrong with the sweet, tangy and smoky flavors of Smokehouse BBQ & Ribs which comes with these Kenny Roger’s Roasters favorites – the Smokehouse BBQ Roast Chicken, which is marinated in a special blend of barbecue and spices for flavorfully tender meat and crisp, lightly seared skin; and of course, the Smokehouse BBQ Ribs, with the signature fall-off-the-bone ribs made flavorful with chipotle and special spices. Enhancing the charred and smoky flavors of these dishes are three scrumptious sauces: the spicy-tangy Roasted Garlic that has specks of garlic bits. The fruity