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Let's Take A Break Mommies - " MIndful Mom Re-treat " Event

"Being a mom is a  24/7  job but it is  the best job ever" As a mom we are so busy from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we sleep.  My day  starts around 6 am preparing breakfast, then doing my morning routine, preparing Chelsea things, Doing the laundry,cleaning the house and everything . .. .. .. .for sure nakakarelate kayo mga mommies. We have duties as a mom and a wife but we also need to take care of ourselves. That's why I like to share to you an event by  Mommy Mundo which is the "Mindful Mom Re-treat" Actually I registered to this event before but for some personal reason I wasn't able to come that's why I'm so happy that it was rescheduled. Photo Credit to Mommy Mundo   " September 10, as we have another run of our Mindful Mom Retreat at @arugabyrockwell 💕 Take time to rget in touch and re-center yourself. Open to all mommies who want and need time for themselves. Y