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Bean Belt Coffee in Dapitan Street, Manila

They say a cup of coffee a day, will keep the bad vibes away, well this works perfectly for me as a coffee lover since I usually gulp down 5-7 cups of coffee a day. This is my partner for my every article that I write and makes sure that my day is complete, and believe me how hard a day is without coffee, so it has been a usual thing for me to be always on the lookout for the new place that offers the best coffee. A few days ago, in my quest for finding new places that offer the best coffee in the Metro. And with all this traffic and holiday rush, my adventure brought me in Dapitan in Metro Manila, a place called Bean Belt Coffee, as catchy as its name, it caught the hearts of a lot of coffee lovers in the place, a place packed with students and businessmen enjoying and staying for that one thing they loved, "coffee". This place is more than coffee, they also offer kinds of pasta and a lot more for you to discover, sumptuous meals for every coffee lo