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Best Places to Live in the U.S. to Eat Like a King

  The United States is full of incredibly diverse foods and diets, and the idea of trying to pick just one can be a difficult task! However, from the Creole food of New Orleans to the Food Truck Culture of San Francisco, there are plenty of places that are appealing to your stomach! These are the top food cities in the USA, and why you should move to them! Why The Food Matters When you're looking at places to move, the average person may consider things like the average house payment, the number of jobs in an area, or even what schools there are: but it's also a good idea to consider the food that's there! Food is a large part of our daily life and controls everything from spending time with our families to what types of social activities we do. So seek out an area that has amazing food and incredible entertainment, and you'll be set for life! New York City, New York New York City is known for one food above all else: pizza. There are hundreds of pizzerias spread out o