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Thanksgiving Party of United Bloggers Philippines

Nov. 30,2016 United Bloggers Philippines celebrates Thanksgiving Party in one of the hotels in Makati City. I was so excited,why? This is my 1st time after 4 years to be specific after I gave birth to my daughter Chelsea that Im going to attend a Christmas party. I have been a full time mom. So my daily routine revolves around home-market-home, until I decide to start writing about myself, mypassion, my family.  Suddenly a new world and opportunity opened for me. I started to get invites to events and meet new friends which helps me to become more confident                                                      A week before the UBP Thanksgiving party, I started looking for dress, thinking of what I should wear. My husband even bought me a new sneakers, he's more excited than me. With Natalie Tugade of Seraphim's Note Then that day came, I arrived late because of traffic and due to excitement, I almost forgot that our party theme is "Hawaiian&q