Parenting Style: Creating Meaningful and Healthy Memories

Mom and child bonding moments are the most important factor for the child social and cognitive development. Creating meaningful, priceless and healthy memories with our children will make them ready for the future.

Moms know how precious the time is they get to spend with their children. While juggling work responsibilities and taking care of the home and family, moms have learned the art of time management. However, moms may even find themselves busier during summertime when the kids are at home and looking for things to do. (“I’m bored, Mom!” sound familiar?) Summer offers many opportunities to bond with your kids, create memories, and develop skills that they’ll be able to take with them as they grow up.
Here are some ideas for bonding activities perfect for your family:

1. Capture moments with a camera. 
Set a photo shoot as a family either on a specific time of the year (like birthdays or anniversaries) or a location (like a summer vacation house) to create a tradition, or do a certain theme complete with set-up, props, and costumes. Print out your favorite shots and create photo collages or scrapbooks together. You can also interview family members and capture special occasions on video such as first days of school and family reunions. Watching these home videos in the future can bring back memories and that warm feeling of home and family.

2.Play games together.

 Play age-appropriate board games and/or card games together and have some healthy competition. Although gadgets are more easily accessible nowadays, the classic games you played as children will not only stimulate the mind, they will also teach children concepts like taking turns, winning and losing, and how to be a team player.

3.Do a sport or exercise.
 Staying active as a family is beneficial because not only does it promote healthier habits, it also allows members of the family to bond together in a fun environment. Try different group sports you can do together, such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, or soccer. If your schedule does not give you the chance to go outdoors, why not have a “sports tournament” indoors via a video game, such as Wii Sports or Just Dance? The important thing is that it gets everyone up and moving!

4.Do household chores.
 There is a never-ending list of things to do in a home, and moms can’t do them all on their own! Get the family to help out by turning chore sessions into a game you can do together, such as a race to tidy up a room, put away laundry, bathe the pets, or water the garden. Doing chores teach children a sense of responsibility and life skills they’ll need when they grow up. The feeling of accomplishment where everyone is doing their part certainly makes mundane chores less tiring.

5. Cook and eat together.
Meal times are so important since they bring the family together around one table. Why not make meal preparation a bonding activity as well? You can prepare quick yet healthy dishes together with Gold Seas Tuna, made of real, pure, meatier tuna chunks, rich in Omega 3 and protein, and uses healthier oils. This premium tuna is available in exciting gourmet flavors that your family will love. Whether it’s making a favorite dish or experimenting with a new recipe—let everyone pitch in, even the little ones! Sitting down to eat what everyone’s had a hand preparing will certainly make the meal more special.
Even everyday tasks can be made into memorable bonding moments when done together with a spirit of fun and lots of laughter. We hope these ideas help you create meaningful memories with your family this summer.

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Aiza Azia said…
Lahat na yata ng bonding nagawa na min ng aking panganay at pangalawa. Ang favorite na min is magluluto tapos sabay kain heheh.. Ang laki ng smile ng dalawa kong anak pag nilulutuan ko sila kahit minsan hindi perfecf ang pagkakaluto ko may kiss padin akong award aa kanila. Ngayon kasi medyo
Aiza Azia said…
Ngayon kasi medyo busy nadin dahil may baby na inaalagan. Buti na lang may iba pang paraan para makabonding kopa sila while nagaalaga ng baby. Thanks momshie gagawin ko yung ibang sinabi mo dito.
divine labbuanan-cabral said…
very true momshie and salamat din sa mga tips👍👍❤❤❤
Zel Solidor said…
6 months palang ang baby ko kaya looking forward ako sa mga mgagawa pa namin..

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