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Mia Mason Odour Away: Eliminates Pesky Odor in your home

For our family, the weekend means spending more time with the family. We do the household chores together, cook our food. We believe that we don’t need to go on expensive trips or go to a fine-dining restaurant to make our bonding moment more special.

I’m a Stay at Home Working mom for almost 8 years now. I usually do all the household chores, family management, and everything but we decided to do something different, we decided to give our kids some small task like changing the towels, do their bed, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor during weekends. I also allowed them to say their ideas on what we need to buy in the house because my husband and I think that by doing this we create a strong bond and connections.

There are weeks that we do visit the nearest mall in our area. There is a store that Chelsea would love to stay for a few minutes, she said that smell coming from that store is nice and it would be great to have the same scent at home. She even told me that “ grandma will be happy when she visits our house”.

That’s why I decided to check out Mia Maison Home Fragrances. It was great to know that they just recently launch new nano-enhanced home fragrances that are specifically designed to eliminate pesky odor.
Mia Maison is one of the trusted names when it comes to Home Fragrances. Now for almost 13 years and with more than 60 stores nationwide, MiaMaison becomes the leading local brand in home fragrance.

With its new latest innovation “ ODOUR AWAY” that will not only ensure to eliminate the bad pesky malodors but will also release the pleasant and harmonic smell and long-lasting freshness in different areas of your house

Mia Mason Odour Away Scents

◾Kitchen Bliss

To make sure that my family sticks to a well-balanced and healthy diet, I make sure to prepare our everyday meal. Cooking, fishy and garlic smell are some of the peskiest to get rid of. This scent is perfect to neutralize this odor that usually occurs in the kitchen and dining area. The Kitchen Bliss has a scent of Fruit Medley of Raspberries, Sweet Cherries, and Peaches mixed with Red Roces and Aromatic Aldehydes.
This scent make sure that the place still smells good even after cooking your everyday family meal

Bath Time

Bath Time is one of the everyday routines of our family. I always make sure that our bathroom is always clean but I always think that something is missing.

I like the smell of bubble bath soap, who doesn’t like it by the way? I bought a few bars before because it leaves a nice and relaxing fragrance in our bathroom but to be honest the bubble bath soap is a bit expensive.
That’s why I’m so excited when I smelled the Bath Time scent of Mia Maison. It leaves a nice and clean smell in our bathroom.

◾Clean Space

The living room is one of the most important areas of our house, though it was small it is still the place that we always gather and entertain our guest. Making it look and smell nice is one of my daily goals. Since it is raining quite a lot, the rate of humidity level is too high that can cause mold growth inside the house, and molds have unpleasant odor or smell. It is good that Clean Space Odour Away scent has this strong orange scent that makes the living room smell lively.


Though no one in the family does smoke, this scent is nice. It leaves a fresh and inviting scent. It has a clean scent of Lavender and bright Citruses mixed with Watery Notes, Sea Salt and Ambroxian. I highly recommend it to some of my BPO friends who still smoke.

Mia Maison Home Fragrance used state of the art technology with their E- Reeds so it can eliminate the need to constantly turned the reeds upside-down to refresh the scent from the diffuser. I also noticed that the Micro-Fiber sticks oozes the fragrance oil successfully and scattered the nice aroma inside the different area of our house.

The eReed Diffuser is available in two design, the round one, and the square. They also have two different colors to choose from, Black and White.

This scent is also available in Waterbased Oil, Aromatherapy Oil,eReed Diffuser and Aerospray.  The price range starting from Php 808 to Php 4000.
For more info about Mia Maison please do visit their website or Mia Maison Official Facebook Page:

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